Fitness pros: my diet resolution

Trainers and nutritionists aren't perfect: Here's how they plan to improve their eating in 2016.

Along with stars, fitness professionals are just like us: Eating right is a daily challenge. To give you both comfort and inspiration, we asked some of the best in the business to share their diet and nutrition resolutions for the year to come. From the habits they intend to adopt to the vices they're determined to conquer, here's how they aim to improve—and how you can, too:

"i'm tracking my fat intake."

In the new year, I will be tracking all of my fat intake via a tool called MyPlate. Fat has been making such a strong comeback in regards to health and body composition, and I have neglected to give it the proper attention. Once I nail down fat, after a month or so, I will move on to carbs and protein to round out my portions. Although body composition is important, my cardiovascular health is what's most important to me, and it's important to do real checks and balances every once in a while so you know what you're putting in your body.

—Alex Zimmerman, director, Tier 4 program

"i'm joining a csa."

I'm going to join a CSA—I'll have tons of fresh produce that will force me to eat seasonably with variety, try new things, and cook at home.

—Justin Jacobs, Tier 4 manager at Equinox TriBeCa

"i'm cutting out coffee by march."

I drink a lot of joe...and add lots of cream and sugar. My plan is to substitute tea for coffee and make a diligent effort to get 8 hours of sleep every night so I won't need coffee!

—Cassie Kipper, R.D., personal training manager of Equinox Loop in Chicago

"i'm going to be less rigid."

Two of the big reasons resolutions fail is that they're too fanatical (a 30-day juice cleanse is unreasonable) and they are all-or-nothing. If you vow to work out every day, then find yourself taking care of three sick kids and getting no sleep, your resolution is dead in the water. Either ratchet back the expectations to make them more sustainable, or have a Plan A and a Plan B (and possibly C and D, too).

—Dr. John Berardi, co-founder, Precision Nutrition, Inc.

"i'm eliminating artificial sweeteners."

I'm going to try and eliminate artificial sweeteners. I enjoy stevia as much as sugar—actually, more so. This year, I'm going to be the guy who brings his own stevia packs to Starbucks. I'm also growing my own stevia plant!

—David Siik, creator of Precision Running

"i'm going to meal plan and prep on weekends."

I usually love the creativity of eating on the fly with what I have on hand. But I know January and February are going to be crazy and I want to minimize dining out while also adding variety to what I make at home. If I don't plan, I already know I'll be eating frittatas for dinner every night.

—Willow Jarosh, R.D.