The new rules of hair repair

The fix is in—no matter what kind of stress you've put on your locks.

There’s a lot going on with hair these days: From guys sporting man buns to people purposefully coloring it grey, there’s no shortage of adventures for the top of your head. But new games mean new rules. It's smart to prepare your hair for every newfangled trend you put it through. So we asked pro stylists for the new rules on the best hair repair and how to properly take care of your lovely locks.

for textured hair

No one wants limp, flat hair. But according to Micki Charles, a stylist at Cutler/Redken salons, the wildly textured hair that's popular these days—whether that’s a messy fishtail braid, bedhead or even unkempt beachy mane—leaves knots that create split ends all over your head. Charles recommends combing your hair at night. "Combing moves healthy oils the scalp makes down the shaft of the hair that will protect each strand," she says." And by the time you wake up, the fluffiness will have subsided; and your hair will have that sexy texture again." When you do finally wash it, Charles suggests Davines’ MOMO Shampoo, which is packed with extra moisture and has no sulfates, the bubble-creating ingredient the can also strip your hair of protective oils.
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for heat-damaged hair

PHYTO Universe’s National Educator and Trichologist Christyn Nawrot warns against using heat-activated tools if you don’t really know how to use them. Nawrot says the best thing we can do for our hair is to hydrate it, which makes using a flat iron counterproductive. In severe cases, improper use of these tools can destroy your scalp and lead to extreme hair loss. Obviously, read the manual thoroughly if you must use the tool—but Nawrot also recommends fortifying your hair with products that act as thermal protectors. The Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Cream can be applied to damp hair in order to protect and strengthen your tresses as you blow dry, flatten or curl.
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for overbleached hair

Whether it’s a pop star on stage or waitress at your favorite restaurant, it’s not unusual to spot flowing locks of pink, sharp platinum or even grey. Achieving these shades, however, requires hours of bleaching that dehydrates your 'do. To avoid dusty-looking hair, you’ll need the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. According to Philip B. Beauty founder Philip B., the most important way to combat the damaging effects of over-bleaching is to “flood your hair with nanofats” like safflower, which is rich in Vitamin E as well as other plant-based oils that'll vigorously moisturize each strand. Philip B.’s Oud Royal Supershine Shampoo and Conditioner helps lock in hair color molecules so you don’t have to recolor as often.
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for frizzy hair

Intense summer heat, seasonal winds, and even time spent swimming most likely led to hair breakage and loss of elasticity this summer. All of that makes hair out of control with frizz. Celebrity hair stylist Paul Labrecque recommends his modern take on your traditional hot oil treatments, the Lemongrass Hair and Scalp Treatment. Lemongrass is known to not only fiercely moisturize, but it also penetrates and repairs damaged hair cuticles, giving your hair more bounce and much less frizz.
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for the guys

According to Losi, a stylist in Manhattan’s Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes, guys need some hair help, too. She’s seeing many guys opt for more involved haircare regimen that include everything from frequent hair coloring appointments to relaxing their manes straight. And as guys take a more high-maintenance approach, Losi says using the right kinds of product becomes even more important. She recommends the Martial Vivot Hair Cream, an aloe vera-based solution that does more than just style your hair: It also moisturizers your strands. Bonus: the magnesium in the formula helps ward off greying.
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