Celebrity playlist: Louis York

The up-and-coming hip-hop duo pick the perfect songs for a sunny, optimistic workout.

You may not know the band Louis York yet, but you certainly know their music. Songwriters Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony have produced hits for pop legends including Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus, earning multiple Grammy nominations and selling millions of singles. Their debut EP, Masterpiece Theater – Act 1is a collection of songs that showcase their writing range, transitioning from Bruno Mars-esque pop theatricality to radio-ready R&B effortlessly, often within the same track.

It's this same pop sensibility that emanates from their workout playlist, and Harmony kicks off his gym session with sunny, optimistic tunes perfect for jump-starting a morning run. Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold," he says, "makes me feel like I'm in a foot race with a cheetah and I'm winning." For Kelly, Janet Jackson's "Escapade" is the track that powers him through to the finish line. “You need to get lost in something epic, fun, and classic to get you over the hump when you want to quit. This is it.” Coldplay's "Sky Full of Stars" wraps things up on an airy note. “I feel weightless when this comes on, and who isn't trying to feel lighter?” says Kelly. Check out the full playlist below.