Unzipped: ADAY

The designers behind the new fitness fashion brand list their must-haves for the gym.

Gym clothes got a major upgrade earlier this year when ADAY entered the market. Launched this summer, the brand is the brainchild of former Goldman Sachs investment bankers Nina Faulhaber and Meg He, who coveted activewear that could keep up with their busy lives. The London-based label—dreamed up over smoothies in an Equinox café and produced in the same factory that churns out major brands such as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Michael Kors—includes sleek gym essentials (think leggings, tanks and more), and transitional items like crop tops and a black jumpsuit for wherever you’re headed post-gym. This design duo has such great style, so we wanted to see what else they pack in their gym bags.

aday sports bra, $55

"It's the only sports bra I can literally wear all day (and sometimes all night). I wear it to run or in my yoga class. I also pair it with a high waisted shorts and sandals to the beach or with high waisted culottes and a jacket to dinner. Goes anywhere—that's the beauty." —Nina
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caudalie beauty elixir, $18

"This grape-orange blossom-mint spray is part serum and part toner. It is the perfect wake-me-up. I carry it everywhere and it's my go-to off a flight, when I start and when I end a gym session."—Meg
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fountain energy molecule food supplement, $24

"As an entrepreneur I'm constantly jumping around and often have to focus on twenty things at once. I'm super-charging myself with B12 vitamin and hyaluronic acid by Fountain which is not only beautifully branded but also made of the best ingredients out there."—Nina
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aday throw & roll leggings, $125

"These leggings perform awesome, look great and have a cellphone pocket. I wear them almost everyday because they're the only thing in my wardrobe that can just about handle anything: flights, coffee spills, never losing your iPhone."—Meg
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public supply notebook, $32 for three

"This is a weird one, but I love to write down any ideas I have right after my workout...when my brain is on full speed."—Nina
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go clean gym gear, $30

"And this is where my leggings and the rest of my kit goes, as I leave the gym. I hate having an extra gym bag, something small to tuck into my day bag is perfect."—Meg
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kor nava water bottle, $22

"After reading (and cleansing on) "Clean" by Alejandro Junger, I only drink filtered water. This clever bottle filters as you drinks. Bonus: the filter's made out of coconut."—Meg
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aday later days shorts, $65

"This pair of shorts has become my summer and autumn staple and it's the only thing I bring when I go away for a weekend. It feels silky inside which I swear makes me want to work out more."—Nina
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aday dream harder tank, $50

"My daywear go to piece! This tank top is silk-feel, perfectly cut and ventilated. I throw it on and I'm ready to take on life. I have it in every color, but my favourite is the navy—such a pretty shade of sapphire."—Meg
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tim ferris show podcast, free

"He is the lifehack guru and I get so inspired by the people he interviews as they're all extraordinary experts in all things optimisation, self improvement and living a better life."—Nina
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