Fit for fit: how to build endurance

Scoop running coach David Siik’s scientifically-proven formula.

When it comes to building real endurance, piling on miles is not an evolved approach. Sure, distance days have their place, but they must be carefully interlaced with speed, incline and core work to get you to your goals most efficiently and injury-free.

“You’ll wear out if you’re doing distance running alone,” says David Siik, creator of Equinox’s Precision Running program. “Sprinting causes you to fatigue faster, so if you pair that with short recovery periods, you can build endurance without the distance.”

And the benefits of Siik’s endurance-building routine extend beyond pure road-racing goals. Take incline training: “It’s a fantastic tool for strengthening the glutes, the quads, and larger muscle groups of the body,” says Siik. Sprint work is a subtly powerful core-strengthening tool. “As you go your fastest speed, you have to engage your core to stabilize your body,” he says. “That’s the greatest benefit of sprinting, to be honest—it works your abs and your butt.”

Here, the routine.