Is an express spa service worth it?

If it involves a laser, yes.

Perhaps you’ve surrendered to temptation and offered up your weary shoulders for a 10-minute chair massage at the airport or at your workplace where it’s offered as an occasional perk. Quickie spa services are nothing new. Consider the 15- and 30-minute facials at FaceLove Fitness in NYC, the express facial at Blink Brow Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue, or the quick back, shoulders and neck massage at Equinox spas. L.A.-based Skin Laundry—which recently added an outpost in Manhattan—is upping the ante by adding a laser to its express treatment. But can you really wipe away ten years in ten minutes?

At Skin Laundry, technicians use laser and light therapy to deep clean skin with the intention of improved restoration and clarity over time while also diminishing the appearance of pores and wrinkles. “Laser facials are not at all like traditional European facials,” says Sarah Garland of Equinox spas. “They tend to be much more of a clinical experience.” Garland points to a reduction in skin discolorations like hyper-pigmentation and redness as potential benefits and adds that the heating of the skin by the laser is relatively painless. (Still, as laser facial treatments have only relatively recently made the jump from medical offices to day spas, it’s important schedule a consultation before undergoing any type of laser facial.)

Time-limited spa services can be advantageous according to Garland, but not unlike the chair massage, the process is intended to have a specific result. “A ten-minute treatment would need to be targeted to a specific area or skin complaint,” Garland says. “If a client has a few dark spots that bother them or has broken capillaries on their cheeks and would like these taken care of, [it] can absolutely be treated in ten minutes.”