Fit for fit: how to build strength

Master Trainer Ramel Murphy's routine is the foundation upon which the best bodies are built. Watch the film.

We teamed up with MR PORTERon a series of short films showcasing the principles everyone must master to create a body that looks — and is — truly fit. First up: How to Build Strength.

Creating the physique you want is essentially an architectural feat. No matter how impressive the structure, a solid foundation is the baseline for success. Thus, when Tier 4 Coach Ramel Murphy begins his process of body design, he starts with what is called "foundational strength," taking clients through key movement patterns that will lay the groundwork for all future success at the weight stack.

The five moves in the video above are known as "self-limiting exercises," meaning it is literally impossible to cheat, or let larger muscle groups compensate for the smaller ones, because the movements are so complex. "These exercises teach you a lot about your body. Listen to it," says Murphy. "You must rely on balance, coordination and control to complete each properly."

For a full breakdown of the moves, click through the slideshow below. Complete 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps, resting for 45 seconds between each set. Choose a weight that feels challenging by the final repetition: