On the scene: staying healthy at Sundance

Here's how one filmmaker focused on wellness at Park City's film festival.

This year's Sundance Film Festival marked the end to my month-long training for a half marathon and the premiere for my film,The Collectors: Beekeeper. So finding balance during the fun but truly chaotic scene in Park City, Utah was my goal and ultimate solace. Needless to say, wellness was of the essence. The credits have rolled on the fest's last film, and I'm happy to report that my quest for equilibrium at the festival was a success. I found plenty of ways to make the most of innovative wellness brands offering goods, and enjoyed the healthier moments during the week. Here's how I stayed healthy at Sundance 2015:


Hitting the slopes was the perfect escape from Main Street Madness. I’m still dreaming of the sunny, 40–50 degree weather from skiing. A perfect excuse to cross-train, I made it a goal to ski three days during the festival and visit all three resorts. From the far Bowls in the Canyons to the bumps off the Crescent Hi-Speed Quad at Park City, not only did I get an amazing work out, but the unwavering sensation of ski freedom.


Entertainment transports our presence into awesome circumstances. What a better way to indulge, but also explore your mind, than catching a new feature fiction film or documentary? Laura Gabbert’s film, 'City of Gold' starring Los Angeles food-critic Jonathan Gold played after the premiere of my film and it was delicious.


As a music fanatic, I love that Sundance is embracing the musical tones of the festival. I was happy to see the Music Café in full swing. Blonde Redhead performed the after party for the premiere of my friend’s film, ‘H,’ and absolutely killed it. I couldn’t think of a better balance than dancing with amazing friends and listening to intoxicating music.


Being at such high altitudes, and staying very active, it was crucial to stay hydrated. I even found that I needed to dissolve Nuun electrolytes in my water during each meal. But I was really impressed to see the multitude of brands of water—easily available, at every party, lounge and panel—such as Aqua Hydrate electrolyte replacement water and Boxed Water. These brands were essential in helping everyone avoid altitude sickness.

muse headbands

At the 'Z for Zachariah' premiere after party, I had to try the Muse Headbands on display. This brain fitness tool takes meditation to a whole new level by training your brain to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus. You wear the headband for just three minutes each day. You don’t feel immediately calm wearing it, though; it’s more of a proactive meditation. But I could already feel it working.

lokai bracelets

I got this bracelet at an event, and it serves as an important reminder that we need balance in our lives. A couple of beads on the accessory are made out of two elements: the black bead has mud from the Dead Sea, and the white bead on the opposite side has water from Mount Everest—the lowest and highest points in the world. Wearing the Lokai bracelet, with these elements, helps me recognize the cycles in life—similar to meditation—and when to stay humble or hopeful.