Healthy homes of the future

Cutting-age living space amenities can make you look better, sleep more soundly and wake up sharper.

Home is where the…Vitamin C shower is?

Tricked out hotel rooms and offices with over-the-top wellness-boosting amenities have been around for years. You'll find healthy design features at LYFE Kitchen, a health food chain in Chicago, NYC and California; MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and L.A.’s mixed-use development, The Bloc. And now, developers are bringing residences into the mix by building homes with luxe add-ins such as foot-massaging floors, germ-killing countertops and lights synched with your circadian rhythms. Leonardo DiCaprio is on board with the trend; the actor recently bought a well-conscious apartment in Manhattan.

“People have always been concerned about hygiene and bacteria,” says Brian Jevremov, founder of DOM Interiors, a sustainable design firm based in New York. “And now, people are asking more questions. It’s amazing.”

From a mirror that wakes you up to a stove that preserves more nutrients and advanced air filters to anti-aging showerheads, you can literally live in the future. Here’s what you need to have the healthiest home on the block:

light-therapy mirror

In the morning, it uses blue light (similar to the kind that your tablet emits) to lower sleep-inducing melatonin levels, which in turn boost attention, reaction times and mood.

foot-massage floors

Each step on these heated marble floors acts as a mini-massage. Raised tiles can to be arranged in patterns to mimic foot reflexology maps.
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vitamin c-infused shower

When applied topically, the antioxidant fends off damaging (and aging) free-radicals and makes skin brighter. So why not bathe in it?
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advanced air filters

Indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside—and aggravates existing allergies and asthma. But particle-and-carbon-removal air filters in central air systems block allergens, toxins, pathogens, and pollen, while UV sanitizers kill any remaining harmful particles floating in the air.
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rapid-cook oven

Instead of using electric heat, this oven enables a cloud of intensely hot steam to envelop food, which cooks it faster than a conventional oven. The abbreviated cooking time is said to be less damaging to the food’s fiber, vitamin content and color.
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bespoke circadian-rhythm lighting

Want to drift off and wake up effortlessly? This lighting can be tailored to your schedule, with a gradual, dawn-like brightening in the morning and darkening-to-blackout conditions at bedtime.

germ-eliminating counters

Quartzite countertops are coated with a thin film of titanium oxide that kills harmful chemicals, odors and bacteria. The same germ-zapping treatment can also be applied to other objects, such as light switches, door handles and faucets.
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