My healthy: Liz and Rachel Edlich

The energetic sisters behind Radical Skincare share a glimpse of their rad life.

Liz and Rachel Edlich may have created Radical Skincareas a way to perfect an outward glow, but they’re just as interested in glowing from within. For an upcoming book, the pair, who has worked with the likes of Deepak Chopra, is currently filming people around the world whom they find “radically inspiring.” A few on the docket: Blue Zones explorer Dan Buettner, motivational speaker Cynthia Kersey, and Bob Proctor of The Secret fame. “We’re all about turning adversity into opportunity and really inspiring people to create the life they want,” says Liz.

With so much travel for both their brand and their book, time to connect with family and friends plus regular workouts becomes a healthy way to refuel. These are just a few of the things that help keep the duo’s endless energy and infectious optimism on continuous loop.

alo yoga

"Their outfits are great. I have a need for flow! Yoga really keeps me centered and forces me to breathe deeply and take a moment to reflect on what I’m grateful for every day." – Rachel
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nike flyknit lunar2

"Growing up, lacrosse was a huge part of my life, and in the off-season. running was a go-to and still is. I like that these are really bright and super lightweight—almost like running barefoot, which Liz and I also like to do on the beach." – Rachel
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fresh lemon water

"Hydration and creating a more alkaline body is so important. I like to add Meyer lemon off the trees in my garden and a bit of fresh mint or basil for detoxifying. When I need an immune booster, I do hot water with lemon, fresh ginger, and a teaspoon of bee pollen and wildflower honey for the antibiotic and probiotic effects." – Liz

jimmy styks stand-up paddle board

"Paddle boarding first thing in the morning is downtime for me. It’s one of the most Zen feelings, being on the water early when it’s flat calm. Really magical." – Rachel
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resistance bands

"I’m on the road so much and my bands and running shoes are my workout partners when my sister isn’t with me to be my coach. They’re perfect to wrap around a doorframe and do a quick workout, plus they’re lightweight so they don’t add pounds to my suitcase." – Liz
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radical skincare instant revitalizing mask

"We call this mask ‘taking your skin to the gym’ because it just energizes the skin. It has an oxygenating effect and provides a just-worked-out glow that’s perfect after a long flight. I love the popping sensation, which tells me it is really working!" – Rachel
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sukhdev jackson meditation cds

"Sukhdev specializes in Kundalini and has taught both of us in Malibu. I love driving and listening to her beautiful voice doing mantras and singing." – Rachel
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kundalini breathing exercises

"When I was at my home in the Bahamas, my yoga instructor there gave me four Kundalini breathing exercises. Each is 3 minutes and afterwards I feel clear, energized and focused. I can do them anywhere and get such dramatic results—and it always takes me back there in my mind." – Liz