A holistic nutritionist on surviving Fashion Week

Steve Macari of SLVRBK designs a stay-well regimen for his fashion industry wife.

New York Fashion Week may be fabulous, but seven days of non-stop shows, appointments and parties can leave you looking—and feeling—anything but. To help you keep your cool amongst the chaos, we tapped holistic nutritionist Steve Macari of SLVRBKto share the wellness regimen he prescribes for his stylish wife, Kerry Pieri, Harper’s Bazaar senior digital editor. Here, your go-to-guide to staying energized throughout this or any other whirlwind event.


Cut back on carbs
We all want to be in our best shape at fashion week—even if we’re not the ones hitting the catwalk. “Limit your intake of high-starch carbs like bread, cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, quinoa and beans to 1 serving per day to look trim overall,” says Macari. “Instead, opt for carbs from antioxidant-rich vegetables (e.g. leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, green beans) and low-glycemic fruits like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries."

Pass the salt
“Add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt to your water bottle,” says Macari. “The minerals contain electrolytes, which support optimal hydration.” It can take days to rehydrate, so simply guzzling a cup won’t cut it. “You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of mineral-rich water each day,” adds Macari.

Lay low
“Too much partying can stress the body and weaken your immune system,” warns Macari. “To come out of the gate strong, limit cocktails and late nights in the three to five days leading up to fashion week.”


Rise & sip
Drink 16 ounces of water (with a pinch of that sea salt we told you about) first thing in the morning when you wake up. “You’ve been fasting for hours and your body is dehydrated, so this will set the stage for the entire day and will keep you running smooth and your skin looking great,” says Macari.

Snack smart
For steady all-day energy, Macari suggests reaching for foods rich in protein and fat every four hours. “They balance blood sugar levels and keep you full, so you avoid those energy spikes—and crashes—that cause you to crave sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates.” His go-to favorites: Dried mango and papaya with cashew butter.

Break away
“Going from activity to activity, meeting to meeting and show to show is a major stressor,” says Macari. “Set aside 15 to 30 minutes to sit in a park and think about something other than work—just tell anyone who takes issue that your Mophie died.”


Boost your immunity
All of that necessary hand shaking and cheek kissing exposes you to unwanted bacteria and viruses. “Give your immune system some extra support by taking C throughout the day and a few doses of oregano oil at night,” says Macari. “It has potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral qualities to stop whatever you were exposed to in its tracks.”


Sweat it out
Treat yourself to an infrared sauna.These hot boxes deliver all the benefits of the sun's rays, but without the unhealthy UV radiation. “You just ran a marathon, so to speak, and it’s important to nourish your body and give it a much-needed detox,” says Macari. “Infrared saunas are great for removing toxins, boosting recovery and relaxation.”

Stay the course
While it’s tempting to throw all your healthy habits out the window after a stressful week, this is when your mind and body need you most. “It’s ok to cheat a little, but don’t go overboard,” says Macari. “Your body needs nourishment to recover from all the craziness, so it’s as important to eat healthy now as it was during the chaos,” says Macari.

Get unplugged
“ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF), emitted by things like your computer and smartphone, can be extremely hard on the body and mind,” says Macari. Make time for a digital detox. “A day or even just an entire morning without using your smartphone or computer will provide some well-deserved post-fashion week R&R,” says Macari.