Black sea bass ceviche

Highlight summer's freshest fish and produce with this Brazilian-inspired dish from restaurateur and Turf owner Zachary Lynd.

Watch Lynd prepare his ceviche in our video.

1 whole black sea bass
1 mango
1 tomato
1 cucumber
2 jalapenos
1 shallot
Zest of one lime
Juice of five lemons
Juice of two limes
1oz fresh orange juice
Creme fraiche
½ oz American caviar
Extra virgin olive oil
Champagne vinegar

1. Filet sea bass and cut into small, even portions.

2. Fine dice shallot and jalapenos, removing most of the seeds.

3. Combine bass, shallots and jalapenos with the lemon, lime and orange juices. Refrigerate for one hour.

4. Dice tomato, mango and cucumber into small, even cubes, keeping them separate.

5. Toss lime zest with mango. Salt to taste and set aside.

6. Add two shakes tabasco to the tomatoes and toss with enough EVOO to light coat. Salt to taste and set aside.

7. Add 1 oz champagne vinegar to cucumbers and toss with enough EVOO to lightly coat. Salt to taste and set aside.

8. Spoon a quarter of the sea bass into a parfait glass. Over the top, layer tomatoes, then mangos, then cucumbers. Add a dollop of creme fraiche and garnish with a touch of caviar. Serves four.