Unzipped: Elaine Welteroth

Expertly selected products and plenty of pink fuel the workouts of Teen Vogue’s Beauty and Health Director.

As Teen Vogue’s Beauty and Health Director, Elaine Welteroth knows a thing or two about the perfect products for a post-gym routine. The editor, who regularly sweats her way through circuits and spin classes, ran her first 10K last year and is stoked to tackle her first half marathon in Brooklyn this May. From thumbholes in her hoodies to plenty of vibrant color, it's the little things that get Welteroth ready to move:

nike crossbody bag

“My favorite gym tote is a crossbody by Nike. It’s like the sporty equivalent of Mary Poppins’ bag—it fits everything! And that’s saying a lot, given I’m notorious for being a bit of a bag lady. It’s nice to consolidate my shoes, makeup bags, water bottles and magazines in a single bag that is so bright, it’s impossible to misplace.”
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adidas hoodies

“My standard gym uniform consists of lots and lots of color. I love my pink and yellow Adidas hoodie with thumbholes. Gotta have those thumbholes!”
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nike leggings

“It’s been freezing in New York, and when it’s cold out, I wear my black Nike leggings. Whoever thought of the little hidden pocket built right into the waistband is a genius. I use it to store my credit card, house key, Burt’s Bees chapstick, and gum...because I go nowhere without those four things.”
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“Of course, water is key before, during and after any workout, but I’ve also gotten really into juicing lately. I got the NutriBullet by Magic Bullet for Christmas and it’s literally changed my life. It’s simple to use and comes with a guide that takes the guesswork out of making nutritious juice blends that also taste good. I make one every morning and always drink one after working out. For beginners, the trick is to pack in half leafy greens (kale and spinach are my go-tos) with your favorite fruit blend (green apples are great to sweeten up the bitter greens). I also like to sprinkle in Chia seeds—they’re virtually flavorless, but pack a major punch for boosting energy, hydration, and add a heartiness to any juice so you feel full, faster.”
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adidas springblade razor running shoes

“These guys are literally next level. The ergonomic blades feel like little springs under your body and are great for runners who want a lot of support and spring. Plus, the fact that they come in hot pink just takes it over the top for me.”
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bobbi brown’s perfectly defined gel liners

“I want to say I don’t bother with makeup before working out, but I’d be totally lying. C’mon, I’m a beauty editor! I usually work out after work, so I’ll have a little bit of makeup on from the day. This liner from Bobbi Brown is the best for staying put and never irritates sensitive eyes.”
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ban’s refresh cooling body cloths

“These are awesome because they leave your skin feeling totally clean and silky. No weird, tacky residue or overwhelming scents.”
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audio books

“I hear macmillanaudio.com/workoutaudio is awesome for finding audio books to listen to while you’re working out. The idea is that you’ll work out for the extra ten, fifteen, or even thirty minutes in order to finish that next chapter of whatever you’re listening to. I’m sure it will be my best friend once I actually start training for the Brooklyn Half.”
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