Unzipped: Karen Elizaga

The executive coach and newly minted author shares her favorite workout accoutrements.

Working outis an essential part of Karen Elizaga's executive coaching philosophy — and one she is not shy about sharing with her clients. In her new book Find Your Sweet Spot: A Guide to Personal and Professional Excellence, Elizaga writes, "[Exercise] is an outstanding tool for breaking through limitations...Imagine the power you harness when you achieve a 'never' and realize your ability to surpass your expectations." Her training ground? E in New York City, Equinox's private training club where she has been working with a team of coaches since 2006. "They are the smartest people in the industry," she says, "consistently teaching me new things about how to enhance my own performance." So in the name of performance enhancement, we asked Elizaga to share a few of her essentials:

punahou alumni association canvas bag

“Living 5000+ miles away from Honolulu, where I grew up, it’s an easy way to keep myself grounded and connected to Hawaii. Just seeing it reminds me of my family and friends back home.”

james perse yosemite leggings

"These leggings – I am obsessed. They’ve got this wide waistband to minimize muffin top action and keep their super snug shape.”
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brooks pure cadence running shoes

“I have them in turquoise, fuchsia and purple. What can I say? I take advantage of every opportunity for a pop in mood.”
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takeya water bottle

“All of the water in my home is filtered, so I carry this glass bottle with me so I can have clean, fresh water throughout any workout. Plus, it's sleek and easy to wash.”
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xymogen vitamins

"These little packets are not the most environmentally friendly, but they increase the possibility of consumption. And I keep digestive enzymes for whenever I have an ‘off the map’ meal.”
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eo lavender hand sanitizer spray

“Equinox does an amazing job of keeping everything spotless, so this is just for post-cab and subway rides.”
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nutiva organic coconut oil

“It’s the best, cleanest, user-friendly moisturizer. I use it everywhere – from my toes to my hair and everywhere in between.”
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jason wu sandles

“I got these slippers in Miami once when I left my own at home. They’re super cute and light, so they’re easy to haul.”
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