Healthy habits of football players

In Superbowl spirit, we asked some of the league's best for their better body secrets.

Every Sunday we gather to watch what these incredible bodies can do on the field. And for those three hours spent performing, there are many more dedicated to training, sleeping and of course fueling. To pay homage to the season ending game this weekend, we asked a few star players to share some (healthy) tricks of the trade.

percy harvin, seattle seahawks

Pre-game meal: “Collard greens, potato salad and BBQ ribs.”

Favorite city: “Miami. It has whatever you need.”

Favorite vacation: “Jamaica. It’s just different. The lifestyle makes you feel so fortunate for the things you have.”

What relaxes him: “Bowling. I’m a big bowler. You gotta go 200s or better (laughs).”

pierre thomas, new orleans saints

Favorite healthy meal: “Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and all types of vegetables like corn, broccoli, and I love carrots. Just look in my fridge.”

Sleep stats: “About 5-6 hours.”

Favorite workout: “Eating! That’s really my workout (laughs). Nah a good run. Outside is best. I’m from Chicago, so I don’t like to run in the cold. I like a good sweat in 70-80 degree weather through downtown New Orleans.”

andre johnson, houston texans

Favorite workout: “Whatever my trainer puts out there.”

Favorite healthy meal: “Salmon with sautéed spinach”

Game-day meal: “3 eggs scrambled with cheese. Every time.”

Favorite vacation: “Turks and Caicos. Very relaxing.”

michael vick, philadelphia eagles

Favorite healthy meal: “Do I even have one? I think chicken caesar salad. I eat that when I’m trying to drop weight.”

Sleep stats: “About 6 hours. I’m a night owl, so I can’t go to sleep early. I’ve always been that way. If I get 7-8 hours, that’s usually during the season.”

Favorite vacation: “Bahamas. I take the same vacation every year. I don’t like change too much, so I go to places I know. “

brian cushing, houston texans

What we’d find in his fridge: “Noni berry and full coconuts.”

What relaxes him: Acupuncture

Sleep stats: “8 hours during the off season and 6 hours during.”

Ultimate decadent meal: “Really good sushi.”

Best insider tip he’s ever received: “Life isn't fair.”

Latest obsession: “Iced coffee.”

ryan tannehill, miami dolphins

What we’d find in his fridge: “Lots of deli meat and cheese.”

Sleep stats: “I try to get 8 all the time.”

Favorite off-season workout: “Weights followed by a throwing session and plyometric workout.”

Ultimate decadent meal: “Bacon wrapped diver scallops, mashed potatoes, lobster Mac and cheese and cheesecake for dessert.”

Best insider training tip: “Make sure you’re doing an exercise correctly so the right muscles are being worked.”