6 keys to locker room efficiency

These beauty and grooming time-savers will take you from workout to real world like that.

Extra time in the day is a gift to spend however you like. On the gym floor it might mean a few extra sets or maybe it's a leisurely meal once you head out into the world. We won't tell you how to use it, but we will tell you how to get it; by shaving your locker room time down to the minimum. This crop of step-skipping, multi-tasking beauty and grooming products promises to whittle your post-workout routine like you wouldn't believe.

dermalogica precleanse wipes

Aloe, apricot kernel oil, and apple amino acids attract (and dissolve) sebum, environmental pollutants, and makeup from waterproof lip stains to mascara. Use it solo, rinse, and go, or just before showering for a steam-powered cleaning that’ll leave your mug clearer, hydrated, and noticeably smoother to the touch.
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ex animo hair fragrances

Lunch hour yoga? The ultimate gift. A post-workout shampoo when you’re not that sweaty? The ultimate head-scratcher. Consider this new line a welcome head-to-toe overhaul. Rather than alcohol, this trio of honeysuckle and southeast Asian citrus-based sprays are blended with aloe and vitamin E to fortify skin and hair alike.
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vaseline spray-and-go moisturizer

Choose from aloe, cocoa butter, or oat extract-based mixes for a lotion alternative that’s akin to racing through a sprinkler on a very hot day when you were five. In other words? There’s nothing not fun about applying this mist-on, quick-absorbing product.
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sparrow for everyone true essential oil

It’s a cleanser! And a body oil! And a hair moisturizer! (Note: It also smells like bottled sunshine.) Sweet almond and black cumin seed oils, grapefruit, jasmine, rosewood, and more add up to a mix that wicks off make-up, seals brittle strands, and leaves dry skin glowing in a few swipes.
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kiehl’s “ultimate man” body scrub soap on a rope

The apothecary emporium’s top-seling body scrub is now a limited edition bar, brimming with naturally exfoliating bran and oatmeal flakes (plus a sprinkling of pumice) to take down dead skin cells while you lather up.
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purminerals cc cream broad spectrum spf 40

Dab it on and dash. A layer-friendly color range, unrivaled sun protection, and pump dispenser make this fool-proof, light liquid finish a beauty-fixing no-brainer.
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