Q&A with Kate Hudson

The actress and Fabletics co-founder on her ultimate salad, the song that gets her moving, and meeting Bob Dylan.

Next to her enormous smile, there are two certainties on which Kate Hudson can always be relied; an enviable sense of style, and a body that won't quit. Combine them and you get her latest endeavor: a line of women's fitness apparel, Fabletics, that's full of chic, wearable basics. The mother of two has a dance background (she displayed her skills in Nine and on Glee), and lives a healthy lifestyle that is both effortless and covetable. We asked the star to divulge how she stays so fit and joyful, and she was happy to oblige.

Typical workout:
I like to mix it up. Sometimes it's yoga or dancing or Pilates, other times I'll jump on my bike and go for a ride. For me, it's just important to move my body and to get a sweat on any way I can.

Best insider tip she's gotten from a trainer or nutritionist:
There's no one way to be healthy and fit that will work for everyone. You have to make it your own and do what makes you feel best.

The key to a stylish workout look:
What I love about [my fitness line] Fabletics is that you can wear our pieces all day long, from dropping the kids off at school, to a workout or class, to running errands or meeting friends for lunch. Everything is made with the highest quality materials, as well as cute and affordable.

Favorite healthy meal:
In L.A. I love a salad called 'The Basics' at Real Food Daily, a restaurant specializing in organic, plant-based cuisine. Garlicky greens, pressed salad, marinated tofu, brown rice, cilantro dressing and hot sauce on the side!

Ultimate decadent meal:
A Double-Double, animal style at In-N-Out burger. But you have to live in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah or Texas to get one!

Best vacation she's ever taken:
Any vacation is the best vacation!

Book on her bedside table:
Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny by Amartya Sen.

The one song she can't help but dance to:
Recently it's 'Harlem' by New Politics.

Who has made her feel star struck or tongue-tied:
Bob Dylan. He's a hero and I'm sure I made a right old fool of myself.

Three things still on her bucket list:
Make a bucket list; Do everything on that bucket list; Make another bucket list.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
Well, besides the obvious—being healthy so I can be there for my kids—it honestly just makes me happy.

The message she'd send the world with one request (in 140 characters or less):
No regrets!