My healthy: Douglas Friedman

How the mustached and muscled photographer stays in such impressive shape.

If you follow photographer Douglas Friedman on Instagram, you'd think he is always on an airplane. Born and raised in NYC, Friedman began as an assistant to director David Fincher, working on films like SE7EN and Fight Club before venturing off with his solo lens. He's captured everything from scenic landscapes and historic architecture to A-list celebrities, and shoots for the likes of Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Moments after returning from a weeklong trip to Vietnam, Friedman filled us in on the items that keep him healthy, regardless of location (which, of course, changes by the week).

goji berries

“I try to incorporate these into my daily diet. The effects are powerful.”
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"I lift five days a week at the closest Equinox gym I can find, which is usually Greenwich Ave.”
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kiehl’s ultimate man body soap

“I swear by it.”
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converse chuck taylors

“These are my staple. To the gym and from the gym, I wear them all the time.”
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martone bicycle company

“My preferred means of transportation. Plus, it keeps me active.”
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