Craving a post-weekend salad?

If you overdid it Friday through Sunday, our four week recipe series offers crisp, refreshing bites to remake your Mondays.

There’s nothing like 48 hours worth of weekend-away dining, warm-weather cocktails and snacking while at the mercy of someone else’s fridge to make your body crave a cleaner diet. Which is why, in our opinion, Summer Mondays were made for salads.

“After a heavy weekend away you want something light and crunchy, crisp and refreshing,” says Marissa Lippert, a nutritionist and founder of the soon-to-open Nourish Kitchen + Table café in NYC’s West Village.

Which is precisely the reason for our Summer Salad Series, which features an inventive combination of fruits and veggies to nourish, detoxify, hydrate and satisfy you every Monday in July. Lippert designed each recipe with an eye toward seasonality and color, via high-flavor, nutrient-dense ingredients, grown locally whenever possible. Lippert, bless her, also believes in the proverbial cherry on top: cheese, nuts, avocado, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, even bacon.

“A lot of people view salads as bland or as a health food that they have to eat,” she says. “They think all the ‘fun stuff’ is off limits, when really, done correctly, it only augments the interest. All of those components are flavor boosters, so you only need a small amount.” She also favors healthy carbs for satiety, particularly when replenishing energy for your next workout. “I think when people aren't satisfied by salads, it’s because they’re missing that carbohydrate. So in some cases it can be helpful to add lentils, beans, chickpeas or something like a roasted butternut squash or quinoa."

The cumulative result of all that goodness? A refreshing, bright and seasonal meal to start your week. Beginning with the first on the docket, Lippert's Watermelon Radish and Beet Salad with Hazelnuts, Pecorino, Mint and Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette. Click the link to get the recipe, then check back every Monday this month for a new dose of delicious flavors.