Refuel the right way

Just finished a class? Make the menu choice that matches your efforts.

Being mindful of refueling post-workout is just the beginning—to capitalize on your hard work, and prep for the next day’s, you need to choose nutrition specific to your workout. London- and Toronto-based members, take note: Whether you’ve just clocked a cardio interval session or unwound with some yoga, the menu at The Juicery can meet your unique nutrient needs. Choose between these pairs of options—the menus change seasonally, but the nutrition principles stay the same, so be sure to focus on the key nutrients—as recommended by The Juicery's holistic nutritionist Katrine van Wyk. You'll recover in no time.

high-intensity conditioning (whipped!, tabata, metcon3, chisel’d, shockwave)

Drink Up: Ginger Pear Smoothie with Whey Protein
Feeling a bit sore? Get some ginger – it is a natural pain reliever and helps reduce inflammation. Whey is a fast-assimilation protein and ideal for muscle building.

Eat Up: Kale Salad with Chicken
Kale benefits your respiratory system and the antioxidants in mango help stave off next-day muscle soreness. The feta adds healthy fat and protein while the pine nuts contain magnesium, which helps you combat stress. Add some chicken for a complete, delicious meal.

yoga, pilates, barre burn, balletone

Drink Up: Sunset Signature Blends
After all that hot and flowing movement it’s important to hydrate. This smoothie is low in fat and contains whey protein that helps restore and support lean muscles. The strawberries are high in antioxidants, including vitamin C, which work to counterbalance the production of free radicals in your cells post-workout.

Eat Up: Scrambled Eggs with Greens
For those lithe, ballerina-like muscles, refuel with eggs for protein and greens for glowing skin.

cardio intervals (tread&shred, studio cycling, boxing boot camp, cardio dance step)

Drink Up: Fifth Avenue
Built up a sweat? Replenish with a fresh, citrus juice packed with C-Vitamins that help reduce muscle soreness and support your immune system. And a little cooling mint will help you, well, cool off!

Eat Up: Seasonal Salad with Flank Steak
Seasonal produce provides the nourishment your body most needs. The steak is packed with restoring proteins for your muscles as well as iron and a dose of healthy fat to make you feel satisfied.

strength and conditioning (body conditioning, athletic conditioning, abs-olution)

Drink Up: Dr. Junger’s Morning Smoothie with Whey Protein
Whey protein is the best post-workout protein there is; blueberries and avocado provide plenty of antioxidants.

Eat Up: Protein Bar
Although quick and convenient, this homemade, gluten-free bar does not compromise on nutrition: Peanut butter supplies protein and whole oats offer filling fiber. Bonus: The bars are sweetened with dried fruits and honey.