Unzipped: Tallulah Harlech

The actress and model has high fashion lineage and the gym bag to prove it.

Tallulah Harlech is a British model, actress and the daughter of Karl Lagerfeld muse Lady Amanda Harlech. She first walked the runway at 12 (alongside Lagerfeld, no less) and has been photographed by Bruce Weber and Mario Testino. She can do chic in her sleep. Also, as it were, while exercising. In her regular visits to Equinox Kensington, she frequents Barre Burn and Metcon3, mixed in with personal training sessions and weekly yoga. Here, how she does so looking better than most:

louis vuitton bag

"It was a gift from Louis Vuitton. It's a classic traveling tote with my initials printed on the outside."
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nike training shoes

"Perfect for indoor workouts. These help me rip around the gym floor faster than the boys!"
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work out life jacket

"It's surprisingly chic when you take out the lining (only for when it rains). With this slick, layered silhouette I can fool anyone in a business meeting into thinking it's a high-end American designer."
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bodyism protein excellence banana

"This is the best, cleanest and healthiest powder I know for a post-workout, all important protein hit."
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fashion magazines

"I devour them and always have one in my gym bag."

body brush

"A very important habit that I'm trying to get into more. Dry skin brushing helps with muscle tone and more even distribution of fat deposits."

liz earle repair moisturizer

"After a shower I find it important to moisturize my face."
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insprial kale chips

"They're vegan and so good for you. Recently I have come across the benefits of a Paleo diet. In short, I avoid anything made with grain."
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tate membership card

"So I can go and see all the exhibitions at any Tate gallery. If I don't have an appointment to go to, and having worked my body hard, heading straight off to look at art gives me a better dimension in which to take things in."
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