Unzipped: Anjhe Mules

The Lucas Hugh creative director unpacks her gym bag.

Call it intelligent design: Anjhe Mules, creative director for Lucas Hugh, brings more than just her unique sense of style to the high-end sportswear line. Mules, who will debut her picks for the season at a May 14 trunk show at the Kensington club, does her research. "I vary my fitness regime and like to try new things all the time to keep my body and mind challenged," says the New Zealand-born designer. When she's not running Hyde Park or partaking in boxing workouts with a trainer — "great for clearing the head," she says — Mules fits in toning sessions on a Pilates reformer and hits the gym for weights-based circuit workouts. And that's not all: "I also really enjoy a long swim and yoga to help me wind down, and usually do this when I am traveling." What's inside the gym bag of a multi-tasking globe-trotter? Take a look.

liberty print shoulder bag

"I like it because its lightweight and fits a lot. It has a matching wash bag inside, and there are lots of pockets and compartments."

lucas hugh apparel

"I love the Lexington leggings and Liberty sports bra set - it's supportive as well as flattering and different to the 'run of the mill' sportswear on the market. I always get compliments when I'm wearing it."
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jax coco water

"I drink this before I work out, as it contains lots of minerals and helps guard against dehydration. I find it the most pure and the best-tasting coconut water out there."
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newton running shoes

"These are the ultimate performance sneaker for natural running – and good for traveling because they are very lightweight and come in really cool colors."
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trilogy body wash

I buy the Botanical body wash in bulk when I go back to New Zealand; it's non-drying and has the most refreshing and therapeutic scent."
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frends ella headphones

"These rose gold headphones are unique and elegant; technology and jewelry combined!"
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hair ties

"I carry lots. Nothing worse than forgetting to bring them!"

almonds and brazil nuts

"I always have a small packet with me to keep up my energy levels."