Unzipped: Gents founder Josh Reed

The man behind the luxury baseball hat unpacks his gym bag.

Josh Reed has set out to do what no man has done before; conquer the great divide between the baseball hat and luxury style. Sound unlikely? Meet Gents, the line of caps and apparel the fashion industry vet launched last fall to redefine casual elegance. The custom-made caps look as right with a tux (exhibit a) as they do in the gym, where Reed has tested his fair share while lifting four to five days per week. "Many people love yoga or running," he says, "but for me it’s lifting. Working out is so important to me because it’s the best way I've found to channel all my energy in a healthy way." Here, how he stays stylish from top to bottom.

black cotton twill bag

"My gym bag is from the Army Navy store, they sell them at Kaufman's on 42nd street. It’s the perfect size, very simple and holds up to a lot of wear and tear. It has an outside pocket on the side which is perfect for my keys, wallet and phone."
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adidas track pants

"I’m not a shorts guy so I have always worked out in the classic black with the signature white stripes on the side."
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gents cap

"I love wearing baseball caps and Gents are my favorite for obvious reasons. Right now I’m wearing the collective design in navy, which is one of our most popular designs."
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nike kicks

"These are the only sneakers I will ever buy. They fit me perfectly, hold up for at least a year and, in my book, always have the best design aesthetic."
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kiehl’s grapefruit scrub

"I’m not a big groomer but this is one of my favorite products. I use it once a week to feel refreshed. Plus they sell it at Equinox so it’s easy to pick up when I'm at the gym."
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bose headphones

"I love these because of the old school design. They cover your ears, drown out all other noise and don’t fall out. Plus they look very cool and retro."
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