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A bio-alarm clock for your iPhone analyzes your sleeping patterns to ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Ever wonder why you wake up feeling lousy, even when you supposedly got the “right amount” of sleep? Nothing can ruin your day more than starting off on the wrong foot. Lucky for you, there'ss an app for that. Sleep Cycleuses the iPhone's accelerometer to monitor your movements as you sleep. It is able to track when you are in a light sleep or a deep REM cycle. Using a 30-minute alarm window, Sleep Cycle will then determine your lightest sleep stage to gently and naturally ease you awake.

Sleep Cycle has a number of additional features. For example, it tracks the quality of your sleep over several nights. Also, the app allows you to keep “sleep notes” to see how certain activities, such as drinking coffee or eating too much, can affect sleep quality.

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