Diary of an awards show stylist

As the Oscars approach, Estee Stanley takes us through the hustle of a red carpet weekend.

On a quiet day, Estee Stanley is busy. She juggles her styling clients (Jessica Biel, Lea Michele) with her work on HomeMint, the design site she runs with business partner Justin Timberlake, with her role as baby style guru for Ladys & Gents, her newly launched blog with designer Jenni Kayne. On an awards show weekend, her pace nears dizzying. Before the mac daddy of all Hollywood events on Sunday, we asked Stanley what she ate, drank and did to survive the Golden Globes with energy and sanity intact.

Day before the Golden Globes
8:00 am:
"Go to Susina Bakery & Cafe on Beverly Boulevard for a large vanilla latte and bowl of fruit. A big breakfast makes me tired and I will never get anything done!"

9:00 am:
"Drive to the Valley to watch my kids play. My kids are my life and I love to spend as much time with them as possible. I do this every weekend."

12:00 pm:
"I have a kick boxing session with my private trainer. I love kickboxing! I like to beat him up and the punching bags. I shower at the gym and run to Whole Foods for my usual spinach, apple, cucumber juice from their juice bar. I also eat an orange with my juice."

1:15 pm:
"Meeting with Lorraine Schwartz to pick out jewelry for Lea Michele. Lorraine Schwartz has a lunch buffet at the Peninsula Hotel and I eat there while I pick out jewelry. I love Caesar salads and chicken with BBQ sauce."

3:00 pm:
"Go home and take my kids to Joan’s on Third for a snack and then to the park. My friends meet us there and we all hang out and watch the kids play on the jungle gym."

5:00 pm:
"Take the kids to an early dinner at Nate 'n Al's. My kids have the lima bean soup and potato pancakes. I have a tuna sandwich on wheat with pickles and French fries. Then I drop the kids off at home."

7:00 pm:
"My husband and I use the Uber app to get a ride to the Kayne Griffin Corcoran photo gallery event in Santa Monica. At the gallery I have a glass of Pinot. Then we go to Suzanne and Rick Kayne’s house for dinner after the art show."

9:30 pm:
"Uber to Sean Penn and friends Help Haiti Home event at the Montage and then to go to Mr. Chows for an after party."

Day of the Golden Globes
6:30 am:
"Wake up with kids and read Dr. Seuss (over and over again)."

8:00 am:
"Take the kids on a walk to Susina; had a coffee and a bowl of berries."

10:30 am:
"I take my four year old to a kids party in Brentwood."

1:00 pm:
"Drive to Saks to get nipple covers and panties for my client Lea Michele (just in case we need them)."

2:00 pm:
"I arrive at The Peninsula and go pull jewels from Lorraine Schwartz."

2:30 pm:
"I’m in Lea's room doing her last fitting with dress and jewels."

3:45 pm:
"Lea is dressed and the jewelry arrives but her bracelet is tangled and we can’t get it undone. So one of Lorraine’s assistants and I jump in the car with Lea and it takes almost the entire car ride to untangle the bracelet. Talk about a fashion emergency."

4:30 pm:
"I’m back at The Peninsula and I scarf down a Cobb salad (with no meat)."

4:45 pm:
"My husband picks me up to go to Jenn Meyer’s place to watch the Golden Globes."

6:00 pm:
"Mid-Globes, I start eating appetizers that she had catered — little tacos, guacamole and chips and a glass of red wine."

8:00 pm:
"I go home and finally go to bed."

Day after the Golden Globes
7:00 am:
"Lay in bed recovering from Jenn Meyer's party. I drank too much Pinot Noir last night. While in bed I do emails from my phone and look online at Vogue, InStyle, and WWD to see who got best dressed last night."

8:30 am:
"Grab a vanilla latte at Susina with half an egg, avocado and cheese on a croissant and a bowl of berries. Then I go to my client’s house to look at the work completed on her home over the weekend."

10:15 am:
"Go to my office and have a meeting with everyone as we start doing returns from the Globes. I’m continuing to work on my house projects."

12:00 pm:
"Doctors appointment."

1:00 pm:
"I have lunch with a friend at La Scala in Beverly Hills. I get the cucumber, tomato and pepperoncini salad. Delicious."

2:00 – 5:00 pm:
"I’m shopping with an interior design client for furniture."

5:00 pm:
"Pick up my kids and take them out to dinner at Joan’s on Third. After that I go home and spend time with my kids."

9:00 pm:
"Get ready for bed. I end up going to bed early because I have an early morning workout session."