Unzipped: Eric West

The musician, actor and rising star opens up his gym bag.

If the name Eric West doesn't ring any bells just yet, sit tight. The actor and musician was named one of the five Breakout Stars of 2012 by MTV; Conde Nast declared him a style innovator of the year. Oh, and he has talent in his DNA (he's a nephew of Smokey Robinson). With plans to record new music this summer and a "Law & Order" episode airing in a few weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the rising star. Starting right here, right now, with his gym bag essentials.

diesel bag

"Fits my sneakers, boots, gym gear, iPad and MacBook if needed, but also serves as a good carry on."
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nike lunar eclipse+2 shield running shoes

"If you're a runner, these are the best."

calvin klein steel underwear

"The best thing to throw on after a good workout and shower!"
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iphone 5 + music

"What workout is complete without an iPhone fully loaded with music? Nothing motivates me more than a good mix of rap, rock and dance. My gym mix includes everyone from Nas to the All-American Rejects to the Beastie Boys. "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson is another one. Once that comes on, forget about it!"

water + snack

"My only gym workout snack is actually water, though I'm addicted to cheesecake! Usually after leaving the Equinox in Soho I stop in the Little Cupcake Bakeshop to get Blueberry Cheesecake. Defeats the workout? I don't think so."
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go smile's on the go whitening pen

"To keep my teeth white my dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly in New York told me to use this. It works!"
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vintage shoe company boots

"After a good workout I throw on a pair of boots from Vintage Shoe Company. Handmade in the USA."
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hugo boss aviators

"You can't go wrong with Aviators."
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j brand skinny jeans

"Last but not least. I'm a thin guy so I have to wear skinny jeans. J Brand makes some of the best."
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