The face of health

Meet Dutch supermodel turned health counselor Lonneke Engel. Wellness has never looked so good.

In our next life we would like to be a Dutch supermodel. But, more specifically, we would like to be Lonneke Engel. Besides her genetic gifts, which are apparent to all who have seen a Ralph Lauren ad in the last decade or so, she has been blessed with the wisdom and perspective to give back to the body that has given her so much (instead of, say, living on cigarettes and air). So we asked the certified health counselor and founder of healthy living website OrganiceYourLife.com to share a few insider tips that we can use, in this life or the next:

Favorite workout:
Jumping on a minitrampoline is fun and a great workout. It actually works your lymphatic system as well so it's doubly good for you!

Favorite healthy food or drink:
I get a custom-made smoothie at Juice Generation at Equinox: Banana, kale, almond milk and green power powder (with blue-green algae). I love it and it kickstarts my day!

What inspired her website:
I graduated as a Certified Health Counselor a few years ago, and instead of sharing information or helping people one on one, I decided to share my knowledge and stories of my life as a model on a website so everyone who is interested can read it.

Her philosophy on health:
You should go with the flow. You can’t be perfect. No one can, but if you try to always choose the best options in everything you do and eat, and not get stressed out if it does not work perfectly one day, you are doing a good job in living a healthy and happy life.

Best vacation she's ever taken:
I actually like shoots for magazines or brands where we go for a week to a destination and travel around and see amazing places. Production companies in every country know the best spots and you see the country not as a tourist but through the eyes of someone who lives there. Also, you get into places where others are not allowed, or you can go after hours. I had those kind of experiences in Chili, Jordan, Morocco and Mauritius to name a few.

Latest obsession:
I like this new website poutsch.com, which is a place to share opinions and ask questions. It's a mix of Twitter and Facebook but you can share your thoughts in more organized way. It's very addictive! It will be officially launched soon but I am one of the test people.

Best career advice she's ever gotten:
Don’t look at what others do, focus on yourself.

The tips she'd give a fellow model on staying healthy:
Take time to prepare before a day of work. Bring your own snacks and drinks because you never know the situation you'll be in or how long your day will be. Stretch your body (since you stand in awkward poses for long periods of time). Take naps and get a good night sleep. Move, stretch, eat, drink and rest are key words to be the best model possible.

What we'd be surprised to find in her refrigerator:
Lots of chocolate probably (haha).

Ultimate decadent meal:
I love brunch in NYC so probably a huge brunch dish like eggs Florentine with toast and marmalade, and pancakes to share with my friends!

Best gift she's ever received:
My younger sister Marloes having her children Navy and Milo and the oldest one becoming my godchild. I love them all so much!

What completely relaxes her:
Sleeping in my own bed.

Three things on her bucket list:
Travel to Machu Pichu, host a food tv show and become a mommy.

Hours of sleep she logs a night:
A lot. I love sleeping, it will be between eight and ten hours at least.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
Because you delay signs of aging. But most importantly it makes me feel good. It is that simple.

Message she'd send the world with one request (only catch: it has to be 140 characters or less):
Don’t waste your time on negative things that don’t matter. Happiness comes from spending time with people and doing things that are worth it.
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