Q&A with Jamie Oliver

The London-based chef on his favorite kitchen appliance and how his carpentry skills compare to his cooking.

Jamie Oliver is a British chef, author, TV personality and crusader on a food revolution to help children eat better at school and at home. He's cooked for heads of state on Downing Street, as well as the future foodies of Britain and America whose cafeterias needed an overhaul. We chatted up the father of four and one-time Naked Chef to find out what the world looks like through the eyes of a culinary dynamo.

What he did to work out this week:
[My wife] Jools runs, boxes and is in super-shape so she has totally inspired me. After years of running on my own, I’ve finally started working with a trainer, and it’s been great. Hard, but great.

How he fits in exercise on the road:
It’s hard. When I am traveling I usually work 15 hours a day and find very little time to exercise. The good news is that I am always home on the weekends to be with the family and we are very active then.

His kids’ favorite healthy meals:
Everything we make at home is from scratch and from great fresh ingredients. Jools cooks for the children during the week, and they eat most everything. Fish, salads, a nice bit of pasta.

What totally relaxes him:
Cooking. Listening to music. Being with my family.

The kitchen appliance he can't live without:
I love my mortar and pestle and my speed peeler, which is a really inexpensive piece of kit, but I probably use it every day.

His all-time favorite city:
It’s hard to beat London. So much energy, so many different cultures and foods all coming together in one place.

Where he feels most at home:
With my family at our house in the English countryside. We cook, grow vegetables, go for walks, swim in the summer. With four kids, it’s always hectic and often loud, but completely home.

Best gift he's ever received:
My wife gave me an antique row boat that sits in our pond.

What he'd do if he wasn't a chef:
I would be a carpenter. It was the only other thing I was good at in school.

Latest obsession:
I’m really into technology these days and constantly uploading pictures on Instagram. I'm also really excited that I've found an easy way to support the Food Revolution with my app, The Giving Assistant. It's all about helping charities that people can support with the click of a button. You can earn money for charities by downloading the app and then doing your online shopping.

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