Special deliveries

Straight-to-your-door meals: a hallmark of the good life and an even better body.

Second to an in-home chef or a Michelin night out, delivered meals are the ultimate food indulgence. The convenience can't be beat, and, in many cases, neither can the nutritional soundness. Not only do you not have to cook, you don't have to think. Assuming you don't have the time to prepare your own balanced meals nor investigate a calorically appropriate alternative, we did the work for you. Here, a look at high-quality food delivery services in a host of Equinox cities.

dallas: my fit foods

Stoke up your energy, improve sleep patterns and bolster lean muscle mass with their special Mix N Mash breakfast of eggs, chicken breast, bell peppers and rice, then snack on the Fit Cottage snack of cottage cheese, pineapple and antioxidant powerhouse berries. We love the quirky names almost as much as we love the meals themselves.

toronto: nutrition in motion

With Veggie, A La Carte, Raw and even Halal calorie-controlled plans available, it’s no wonder that Canadians can’t get enough of NIM’s special variety of healthy food in a box. Buttermilk Cinnamon Waffles, Flat Iron Steak and Frosted Pumpkin Cake mean that ‘deprivation’ is a forbidden word for NIM devotees.
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new york: food matters

Fans of local hotspots The City Bakery and Home Restaurant have already experienced the goodness of chef and founder Tricia Williams, who can also bring her local and organic food philosophy into your home. Her trademark ‘haute healthy cuisine’ includes Egg Crepes, BBQ Chicken with Baked Quinoa and almost-too-good-to-be true gluten-free Power Packed Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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la: zen foods

Blueberry Ricotta Crepes? Yes, please. Chicken Tikka Masala? Sign us up. Zen’s (Zero Effort Nutrition) signature foods will make you wonder why you ever tried a traditional diet. Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle, Family Dinner and Zen Cleanse options are available to provide stress-free food solutions no matter what your goal or lifestyle. Denise Richards and Zac Efron are already signed up.
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london: soulmate

Ever since serial entrepreneur Christian Coates launched this super-tasty food to-go service, London’s in-crowd began popping into Soulmate HQ in Harrods' spa after stops at Chanel and Miu Miu on Sloane Street. Based around slow-release carbs, lean protein and antioxidant-laden superfoods, you can pick from a range of plans including Weight Loss, Perform, Express and Juice Cleanse.
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miami: smart bites

Catering to Vegetarian, Detox, Paleo, Organic, 80/20 and Athletic Contender preferences, Smart Bites is perfect for those who like to switch up their eating styles to keep things interesting. An extensive menu selection includes blackened chicken and roasted cashew covered broccoli, baba ghanoush dip and sea bass and veggies. It's like having half the city’s restaurants at your beck and call.
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washington, dc: diet-to-go

With a promise to help you drop an average of two pounds per week, Diet-to-Go offers everything from Greek Breakfast Burritos on the Traditional plan, Tuscan Bean Salad on the Vegetarian program and Prime Rib on the Atkins-style Low Carb option. It's like having your own personal calorie-counting chef.
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chicago: choice eating

Plans last from five days up to three weeks to suit your time frame. Just select from the Low Fat, Low Carb, Meatless or High Protein menus to kickstart the diet-to-your-door service. They’ll do the calorie and fat counting for you and promise to deliver fresh, never frozen food to your doorstep.
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