Flight of fancy

Kelly Hoppen, interior designer to the jet set, on her musts for a million dollar ride at 30,000 feet.

As one of the world’s leading contemporary interior designers, a talent for which she was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), Kelly Hoppen is world-renowned for her minimalist yet luxuriously elegant interiors. She's responsible for designing some of the world’s most lavish houses, apartments and yachts; she operates the celebrated Kelly Hoppen Design School; and she has created a successful range of furniture and home accessories.

Throughout her career, Hoppen has even found a way to make her jet set clients comfortable on their travels: She designed the British Airways' First Class cabin. “It was completely different than designing a house," Hoppen explains, "Firstly because of the restricted space, and secondly because the design wasn’t for one individual but for the whole British Airways First Class clientele.” So what does an architect of luxury bring on her own travels? Hoppen shared her five star musts:

goyard bag

"I love the Goyard shopper bags and take them on all my trips. They are really light and have tons of space — perfect for traveling and shopping at Duty Free!"
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comfy earth couture clothes

"I always take clothes from my Earth Couture range. The leggings, vests and sweaters are all made of such soft, organic materials. They're comfy, stylish and feel great against my skin whilst I’m traveling."
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nairns gluten-free porridge sachets

"I eat very healthily and have a gluten allergy so I like to ensure that I have my favorite porridge with me."
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"I watch movies on it, and I'll tweet and surf the web while waiting in the lounge to board my flight."
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"To keep my curls looking glossy and stop my hair from drying out."
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rodial glam balm

"I keep this intensive hand cream in my bag to keep my skin moisturized during a flight."
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a good read

"I try to get as much sleep as I can when I’m flying, but if I’m awake I like reading. Currently, it's The Magic."
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fruitein revitalizing greens sachets

"These make delicious shakes full of protein and vitamins to keep my energy levels up."
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