Unzipped: Ilaria Urbinati

The in-demand celebrity stylist unpacks her gym essentials.

Ilaria Urbinati was born in Rome, raised in Paris and now lives in LA where she helps the likes of Bradley Cooper and Chris Evans look their leading man best. She's also co-owner of Confederacy, the boutique where she and childhood friend Danny Masterson stock ready-to-wear lines and showcase the work of a stable of cool artists. When the creative spirit isn't styling on set, prepping a red carpet look or taking care of biz in her shop, she's getting in a multi-tiered workout: 30 minutes of elliptical, 20 minutes of suicide lunges and squats, 20 minutes of mat work and the occasional 20 minutes of laps and sauna. "I'm also dying to get into martial arts, gymnastics and rowing," says Urbinati, "I want to feel strong and like I could kick someone's ass." Stylishly, of course:

tommy hilfiger bag

"I style for them a lot and they gifted me this amazing giant beach bag that I use as my gym bag. It's huge so I can just toss in everything in a hurry."
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k-swiss workout pants & sports bra

"When I wardrobed Life Happens (starring Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson) there was a really cute workout scene, so K-Swiss sent us a whole bunch of great workout stuff. I've been using their workout gear ever since."
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laura urbinati bikini

"I own like a thousand of them and she makes the best, hands down. Plus, she's my aunt, so why not?"
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nike sneakers

"They look like the Batmobile version of sneakers — all dark and slick, I love them."
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rebecca minkoff headphones

"They look like a zipper but they're still headphones. So cute!"
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sanuk flip-flops

"For the shower and sauna. They sent them to me randomly and I was like, great, I needed flip flops, and I've worn them ever since."
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"Rubber bands hurt."


"It's my favorite."


"I'm obsessed. I usually work out to music I wouldn't listen to otherwise, like Katy Perry and Beyonce. But Adele and Madonna work too. All the female empowerment songs are good because they make me feel strong and work out harder!"

vitamin packet

"I hate taking them so much but I make myself do it."
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