Unzipped: Dani Stahl

The <i>Nylon</i> editor, reality TV star and style expert unpacks her gym bag.

"Let me break out my schedule. I always have one on me," Stahl tells Q, proving her devotion to the Equinox class schedule, "Ok, so Cathe Thompson is amazing, Jordanna Dworkin is amazing. Love Gerren Liles' Whipped! class at 9am on Sunday if I'm not having a big Saturday night. I am married to Thursday mornings with Stephanie Levinson." And with such a strict schedule, how does the Nylon editor-at-large and style guru transition from locker room to showroom so swiftly? With a perfectly edited gym bag of course:

land’s end tote

"I have this basic Land's End tote with my initials on it. I'm very fortunate to have this fantastic collection of bags (it goes along with being an editor) and I'm wearing this bag like everyday."
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fekkai prx reparatives shampoo

"I’m married to Fekkai shampoo these days. I’m addicted to hair color, and anyone who knows me knows that, so lots of bleach equals lots of repairing."
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sporty leggings

"I'm a leggings girl — in and out of the gym. I recently discovered Gap leggings, which I really love, and I've just gotten some cool Reebok leggings. I’m a tremendous Under Armour fan, I’m wearing them right now! Hue also makes great leggings — they're all generally black, but I wear a tye-die black and grey pair."
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dr. perricone

"I have recently discovered, read all his books, and have become very fanatical about Dr. Perricone — he makes incredible products. I use Cold Plasma, Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin C eye drops — I’m a skincare fanatic."
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alexander mcqueen sunglasses

"You'll never catch me without a pair of designer sunglasses. I have a real collection. Right now I’m wearing round, black framed McQueen sunglasses."
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nike sports bras

"I like a sports bra with support if I’m really running. Nike makes some great ones. But if I'm doing something like Barre Burn or a pilates class, I like a bra that doesn’t dig in too much."
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"If I'm not in class, I do a lot of fast walking and I’m in the park almost everyday. I wear those MBT's and have been for years — I'm obsessed with them. And they’re dorky and I don’t care."
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calvin klein tanks

"I tend to like to workout in a tank top because I like to see what my arms are doing. I’m a big Calvin Klein tank top girl. And I own, I don’t know, 900 million tank tops, but somehow there’s like six in the rotation! (laughs)"
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skinny pop

"My favorite treat in the whole wide world. Oh. My. God. There's nothing in it — all-natural, cholesterol-free, zero trans-fat, tree nut-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, this free, everything free."
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