Unzipped: Tinsley Mortimer

The New York City socialite, handbag designer and author unpacks her gym bag.

It's hard to imagine Virginia-born socialite Tinsley Mortimer, with her gloss and polish and manners, sweating up a storm. But her sporty roots run as deep as her Southern ones. She was on the competitive national tennis circuit growing up and played for the Division 1 team at Columbia University. These days the handbag designer has a different cardio of choice to keep herself sample size-ready. "Running works my body the best, so I'll run on the treadmill or along the West Side highway," she says. "I'll also go into an empty classroom at Equinox and jump rope or do sprints, push-ups or some boxing. I think it's good to mix it up," she says, before adding with a laugh, "I mean, this is when I do it." After returning from a whirlwind 15-city book tour for her debut novel Southern Charm, she gave Q a peek inside her gym bag.

samantha thavasa by tinsley mortimer sienna tote

"I named it after Sienna Miller. It's an oversized leather tote that fits everything and is super slouchy and comfortable. I think the fringe is bohemian and cute."
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lululemon leggings

"When you’re wearing tight clothing you feel a little bit self-conscious, but these really hold you in. The material is thick and has a lot of sturdy stretch, which makes your legs look a lot better. That’s why I’ll even wear them out sometimes. Not OUT out, but you know, not just to work out."
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nike air max

"I like pink and these are the brightest neon, hot pink shoes. They’re super lightweight and really supportive with great cushion inside. But sometimes it’s not about the function if it looks cute. (laughs)"
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klorane dry shampoo

"I always carry this with me. I’m obsessed! If you work out and get a little bit sweaty, spray this in your hair afterwards and it will keep it nice without having to take a shower. I know that sounds gross to some people, especially to guys, but when you get your hair blown out, you want to keep it nice."
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neutrogena face wipes

"These are the best. I use maybe four a day: If I get off the street and I’m a little dirty, or working out or to take off my makeup at night."
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diorissimo by christian dior perfume

"Diorissimo is always a staple. It’s a light lily of the valley scent. Really soft and great to cover yourself up a bit."
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la prairie cellular hydrating serum

"This is really light so you can put it on before you work out and you don’t feel like it’ll clog your pores when you sweat. It’s great afterwards too."
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hello kitty ear buds

"I like my Hello Kitty Ear Buds just because they’re cute! It’s like when I wear 4 or 5 inch heels all the time — they just look good."

momo bracelets

"For summer, I love these fun, colorful rope bracelets. Some have skulls or charms hanging off, but a lot of them don’t have any metal, they’re just made out of string, so they’re great to work out in."
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splendid shirts

"I like the henleys and the little striped ones and the tank tops. Sometimes I'll work out in just a sports bra if I’m feeling super confident about the way my body looks (laughs). But if not, then I like these. They’re really soft and lightweight. I actually ended up buying a lot at Equinox stores. I go there to shop, I really do!"
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