My beach essentials: Oleema and Kalani Miller

The sisters and Mikoh Swimwear co-founders give us a look inside their totes.

Life often takes Oleema and Kalani Miller, co-founders of surf-inspired swimwear line Mikoh, far from where they grew up in San Clemente, CA. They travel the world in pursuit of great beauty, great experiences and great surf (for themselves and their pro-surfer boyfriends). "My ideal beach day would be in Fiji on a small heart-shaped island called Tavarua," says Kalani. "You wake up, take a dip outside your little beach bungalow and spend the whole day collecting shells, surfing and reading. It's heaven on earth." But there are no waves or wanderlust epic enough to get these California girls away from home forever. Their Orange County-based business calls them back — not to mention the sun-filled memories of growing up by the sea. "We learned to surf and spent all of our summer days on the beach in front of our house," says Oleema. "It's a special place that will always be associated with home." Here, the designers share their beach day essentials.


O: "My go-to beach tote is a vintage Goyard that has been around the world and back about a million times. It's coated canvas and ridiculously roomy so you can throw in just about anything!"

K: "I recently got the cutest beach bag from this shop in Bali that imports items from India. It has green stripes, cute leather details and is the perfect size to throw in all my beach essentials. It also keeps the sand out: One of my pet peeves is when sand seeps in the bottom of your beach bag!"

mikoh bikini

O: "Our new collection is incredible. My favorite suit is from the Mikoh Basic's line — the Mundaka top and Venice bottom are beyond comfy and give you the best tan lines!"

K: "No matter where we're headed — Europe, Australia, California or Hawaii — and even if I know the temperature is freezing, it is always essential to have a bikini. You never know when you're going to want to jump in the water, take a jacuzzi, swim laps or head out for a surf. Right now, I am loving the Bordeaux top and Miyako bottom."

missoni beach towel

O: "I've been collecting Missoni towels for awhile now and my assortment just keeps growing. They're perfect for the beach — the size of a blanket and so soft!"


K: "My boyfriend and I bought the Fujifilm Polaroid camera on a layover in Japan a few years back. This little baby has been everywhere and has captured some of my most special memories of traveling. After one summer I took all the photos and put them in a massive white frame. It's one of my favorite pieces of art. When the polaroid isn't cutting it, I have a Leica camera that takes the crispest photos."


O: "I love wearing a Panama hat in the sun. It gives the perfect amount of shading but is still lightweight and breathable."

K: "I think one of the most important things to have in your bag is a good hat. I love the Capistrano hat by Brixton. It's the perfect thing to keep your skin safe, dress up an outfit and hide from the sun. Hats that look beat up add even more character, so don't be afraid to rough it up a little!"
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O: "If I had to listen to a song on repeat it would be "Crusin'" by Huey Lewis & The News and Gwyneth Paltrow. So random but the perfect song for cruising down at the beach."

K: "Any song off of Florence + the Machine's album. They make you feel empowered and at peace at the same time."

lemlem scarf

K: "A scarf (or two or three or four) is a travel essential. On the plane they can double as pillows or blankets when it gets cold; on the beach, they're perfect to lay out as a blanket or build a little tent to keep out of the sun. I love Lemlem scarves, which are handmade in Ethiopia."
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O: "I've been using Shiseido sunscreen for as long as I can remember. I will be loyal forever and ever."

K: "I love a couple of different sunscreens: Shiseido, which is silky smooth, and Avasol, which is eco-friendly and made by our friend in Santa Barbara."
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O: "I'm a huge Céline fan. The Audrey oversized sunnies are perfect — polarized and insanely huge."


O: "I am obsessed with Pellegrino. You can rarely find me without a bottle in hand. There's nothing more refreshing at the beach — except maybe a mojito!"

K: "In some countries they don't eat as many greens as I usually like, so I try to travel with Amazing Grass Green Superfood. I drink it when I wake up in the morning — it's a great way to start the day."
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