Q&A with Josie Maran

The model and eco cosmetics trailblazer on the pleasures of motherhood and a makeup-free face.

Josie Maran may be seven months pregnant with her second child, but it’s hardly slowing her down. The model, mom, activist and cosmetics guru forges forward with her eco-chic beauty line, her work with City of Hope Cancer Center and her support of women’s Argan co-ops in Morocco. Most recently, she partnered with supermodels Petra Nemcova and Angela Lindvall to design a limited-edition bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil that will benefit a charity of each model’s choosing. Just before celebrating a quiet Mother’s Day with her husband and five-year-old daughter, Rumi Joon, the supermom talked to Q about finding balance while running a business.

Where she feels most at home:
The beach! I wish I could spend every waking moment there. I feel like that’s where I am supposed to be.

Favorite healthy meal:
Something really simple — like quinoa with grated lemon peel and steamed kale. I'm pregnant so I eat a lot, and it’s more important for me to eat healthfully.

Latest obsession:
Now that I'm pregnant, I’m obsessed with raw chocolate ice cream. Ice cream and pregnancy go really well together, and the raw stuff is better than the normal stuff.

Typical workout:
I love to hike or do kundalini yoga. I like to be outside and do things that really incorporate the whole mind, body and spirit. You know, work more than just my body.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
Staying healthy for my children! I also believe if you feel healthy, you’ll be confident and happy.

Ideal Mother's Day:
Having a picnic on Zuma Beach in Malibu with my daughter and husband. I’m really pregnant this year, so I want to relax.

A woman looks most beautiful:
When she's smiling.

When she feels most beautiful:
I guess...when I’m swimming in the ocean and have no makeup on. That’s when I let go of the world.

Inspiration for her beauty line:
My daughter. I definitely dreamed of this before, but when I was pregnant for the first time she became the force. Now she’s grown up with it and she loves makeup. She comes to the office and plays all the time. I'm training her to run the business one day!

Favorite vacation:
My husband, daughter and I rented a house in Majorca and had an amazing time.

Why it's important to be green:
I believe that preserving our planet is very important for generations to come and I think it helps to be conscious of everything in our lives. It’s really important to stay connected to who we are and where we're going. You know, it’s easy to lose yourself in this day and age and being green keeps you aware of who we really are.

Best thing about being a mom:
The absolute best thing is when your kids make you laugh. Watching them grow up and learn and seeing their perspective on life is so refreshing.

Most important thing she learned from Rumi Joon:
She taught me patience! That’s a huge lesson in life. She really helped me take a look at my life and assess how I can change the world. I’m inspired to see what I can do.

Beauty icons:
Definitely my mom or my grandma. There's also these women that you see on the street or at a party. You don’t know them, but they are so confident and radiant, and when I close my eyes and think about who I want to be as a woman, it’s those women. Glowy. Confident. Smiling. It’s not their style or their makeup. It’s just what’s inside.

Message she'd send to the world (only catch: it has to be 140 characters or less):
Dream Big.