7 luxe green hotels

Earth Day is nearly upon us: treat the planet — and yourself — right at one of these lavish eco-friendly escapes.

When it comes to travel, it’s easier than ever to be green. And today's uber-posh accommodations mean there's no roughing it required. At these high-end hotels, hand-picked by Equinox’s Vice President of Design Aaron Richter, the staff saves the Earth while providing the ultimate creature comforts. "Choosing a hotel is a deliberate act of embracing the local climate and habitat — these hotels all remind you that you’ve arrived in a unique destination and help you appreciate your location," Richter says. "When you consider your surroundings, travel becomes much deeper and you feel more connected." Get a glimpse of some of the world's most extravagant eco-conscious destinations in the slideshow above. As far as we're concerned, they are paradise, found.

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  • Voyages Longitude 131

    Voyages Longitude 131

    Location: Yulara, Australia

    Green cred: Flanking a sand dune near the border of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in central Australia, this is a campground unlike any other. The property’s elevated canopy tents have solar-heated showers, a switch that lets guests control floor-to-ceiling window blinds from the comfort of their king-size beds and expansive views of Ayers Rock. Natural landscaping helps limit water consumption.

    Luxe perks: There are only 15 tents available, adding an air of exclusivity. Aborigine-led tours to the 20,000-year-old rock paintings at Cave Hill help stimulate the local economy.

    For more info: Go to longitude131.com


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  • Tiamo


    Location: South Andros Island, The Bahamas

    Green cred: The properties are built from sustainable pinewood and elevated on stilts for natural cooling and ventilation. Roofing is made from thatch that helps to insulate buildings and keep temperatures pleasant. The hotel grows much of the food they serve; other ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

    Luxe perks: The hotel is only accessible by boat or seaplane. It boasts a private beach and a mere 10 cottages with direct access.

    For more info: Go to tiamoresorts.com

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  • Spice Island Beach Resort

    Spice Island Beach Resort

    Location: St. George's, Grenada

    Green cred: You'll sip your cocktail with a clear conscience knowing that the property's water is solar-heated, the bulbs are energy-saving compact fluorescents and the pool is treated with salt instead of chlorine. All food scraps are composted and guest soaps ground for use as laundry detergent for hotel uniforms.

    Luxe perks: With its whitewashed walls and modern graphic print fabrics, this 64-room beachfront resort isn't your typical Caribbean all-inclusive, though you'll still be able to order a rum punch without whipping out your wallet. 

    For more info: Go to spicebeachresort.com

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  • Hotelito Desconocido Sanctuary Reserve and Spa

    Hotelito Desconocido Sanctuary Reserve and Spa

    Location: Costa Alegre, Mexico

    Green cred: The hotel is found within an ecological reserve, is surrounded by 30 miles of white sand beaches and features a lagoon, gardens, palm trees and fruit trees (UNESCO declared the area paradise for birds). Guests can volunteer to help biologists ensure baby turtles safely make their way from nests to the sea.

    Luxe perks: Check into one of the 27 private bungalows that overlook an estuary and the Pacific, each one of which draws its name and decor inspiration from the cards of the Mexican lottery. Visit the open-air spa for a massage or opt for traditional seawater treatments that include bubble beds, a sweat lodge and waterfalls.

    For more info: Go to hotelito.com

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  • Hacienda and Eco-Lodge Morgan's Rock

    Hacienda and Eco-Lodge Morgan's Rock

    Location: 12 kilometers north of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    Green cred: The property includes a tropical forest nature reserve, a seasonal sanctuary for many types of animals and over 2,000 acres of reforested tree farms. The hotel has also reintroduced nearly extinct animal species into its private reserve.

    Luxe perks: Getting to one of the 15 bungalows means crossing a stunning 110-meter suspension bridge over a forested canyon. The rooms are made of wood and hand-cut stone on a forested hill sloping down towards the ocean.

    For more info: Go to morgansrock.com

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  • El Nido Lagen Island and El Nido Miniloc Island

    El Nido Lagen Island and El Nido Miniloc Island

    Location: Palawan, Philippines

    Green cred: Surrounded by 123,000 acres of protected forests, jagged limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons, guests of sister resorts El Nido Lagen Island and El Nido Miniloc Island can go birdwatching, kayaking, rock climbing, or just watch the fish swim below one of the guest-cottages-on-stilts. The resorts are active in both reef and island conservation, helping to protect giant clam gardens and supporting the reintroduction of the endangered Philippine cockatoos.

    Luxe perks: Have dinner on powder soft sand on the beach under the stars. The soundtrack? The sound of waves gently lapping at the shore.

    For more info: Go to elnidoresorts.com

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  • Heritance Kandalama

    Heritance Kandalama

    Location: Dambulla, Sri Lanka

    Green cred: Covered in vegetation and hugging the side of a jungle hill, the hotel looks like an ancient temple overgrown with vines from afar. In fact, the plants are there to attract local monkeys and 170 species of birds and direct rainwater flowing from the hills into the hotel's reservoir below. 

    Luxe perks: Designed by famed architect Geoffrey Bawa, each room is set at different angles, ensuring that each visitor has a unique view. Glass-fronted bathrooms make it feel like you’re showering or hot-tubbing in the great outdoors. The spa uses indigenous herbs, tropical fruits and exotic oils combined with steam, sauna, massage, scrubs, baths and wraps.

    For more info: Go to heritancehotels.com

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