To market: with Kendra Peterson

The owner of a boutique private chef service unpacks her ultimate grocery bag.

After spending years managing and developing culinary programs at Williams-Sonoma, Kendra Peterson dropped out of corporate America to offer Chicago-area foodies the ultimate luxury; in-home, healthy and gluten-free meals, which, as the private chef and owner of Drizzle Kitchen, she both customizes and prepares. Peterson, who is all about mixing and matching ingredients to make a range of perfectly satisfying meals, gave us a peek at what’s inside her grocery bag: six ingredients she always has on hand plus two utensils ideal for every home cook.

almond butter

“Put it in smoothies or in your breakfast porridge for extra protein. As you expand [on your grocery list], pair the almond butter with a piece of bread.”


"You can make it as a savory side dish or for breakfast; a quinoa porridge with almond butter, almond milk and frozen berries. Steam it with olive oil and sea salt, wilt some spinach and toss in toasted almonds.”

fresh baby spinach

“Make a breakfast smoothie of spinach, almond milk and frozen berries. I put spinach in every smoothie I make. It purees into a liquid. You do not even taste it.”

good sea salt

“It’s good for flavoring. I like the brand Maldon. It’s super big and flaky, not like the hard sea salt you have to put in a grinder.”

dark chocolate

“I always recommend people eat an ounce a day. It has great antioxidants and it’s lower in calories than a lot of other things. A good quality dark chocolate should be gluten- and dairy-free. It’s always better to have something around that satisfies your sweet tooth; that way you’re not running to McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake at midnight.”

fresh cut fruits and veggies

“Store them in clear containers. You’re bound to eat them more if you see them.”

parchment paper

“It’s basically a disposable, nonstick baking surface. You line baking sheets with it and it helps prevent pans from being destroyed. It’s also nice for roasting vegetables because it absorbs a teeny bit of water. It’s best to get it at Whole Foods because it’s recyclable and biodegradable. Plus, it fits a rimmed baking sheet perfectly.”

microplane grater

“It can be used to zest fruits, grate ginger, garlic and cheeses. Every person should have one in their kitchen.”