Diary of a Victoria's Secret model

How Elsa Hosk, an Angel among us, stays perpetually camera-ready.

The world is barely big enough to hold all the women who count themselves in the exasperatingly cliché 'model-turned-actress' category. Professional basketball player-turned-Victoria's Secret model on the other hand? That group is comprised of exactly one: Elsa Hosk. The Swedish stunner, 23, who has walked the runways of Carolina Herrera and Altuzarra was a pro baller back home before trading in her jersey for ready-to-wear and yoga pants — the latter being gear that's much more suitable for her role as the face of Victoria's Secret PINK (and, conveniently, for her Equinox pilates class.) Here, a three-days-in-the-life look at how she keeps herself in top form.


"Call-time for today's shoot is 8:30. I normally make oatmeal with soymilk, berries and shaved almonds for breakfast, but today I pressed snooze too many times so I need to have breakfast on location. And I'm lucky because today's catering is my favorite! I have a couple of apple slices topped with peanut butter and granola, some egg whites and a large coffee."

"We're shooting summer dresses on beautiful floral painted canvases and the morning goes by fast. By this time, I'm hungry for lunch: grilled salmon with some lentil salad and a baked potato."

"It's a wrap! My day is not over though, and I still have a couple of castings. My first stop is a fast one at Joseph Altuzarra. I did the Fall show, so it was fun to see familiar faces. I'm also happy the casting was moving fast, since my next stop is Calvin Klein (the Calvin casting is famous for the long wait!). I get out after about two hours."

"Finally I'm on my way home! I have a simple salad with grilled salmon for dinner — whatever is in the fridge works! I'm too tired to work out, but still try to do some simple exercises at home. When I do these fast workouts, I try to work out two areas at the same time (for example, working the butt while moving my arms with weights). I like using gliders for working out all parts of my body. They're especially great for people who travel a lot, since you can take them with you and can easily do a full-body workout if you are in a hotel room with limited space."

"I snack on a frozen fruit bar before getting ready for bed."


"Call-time for VS Pink! I have time to make oatmeal before I grab an iced coffee at my local cafe and head to the studio. Always excited to work with the Pink team! We are shooting cute colorful hoodies and sweats for spring and the energy is amazing."

"For lunch, I have steamed veggies with grilled chicken, spinach salad and some bread with butter."

"It's a wrap, and I head home to change into my Pink yoga pants. I've looked up a new class I want to try at my favorite Equinox: Printing House. It's a Zumba class, and I'm a bit nervous about having to do a lot of choreography, but it goes by really smoothly! It's a great workout, and I sweat and have tons of fun at the same time. I feel great and am ready to go out to see my friends with new energy. We are going to a restaurant opening, which is one of my favorite Italian restaurants that is expanding to a new location. I try to eat the truffle pizza in moderation. It's hard (the food is delicious), but since I had a great workout I don't feel the slightest bit guilty!"


"I wake up and have a day off today, which I'm excited about since I've been working almost nonstop all month. I make an egg white omelet with spinach, basil and tomato for breakfast."

"I go to a Pilates class followed by a little walk on the treadmill, just to soak in the amazing view at my club overlooking all of downtown NYC."

"Lunch at my favorite stop in SoHo: Café Gitane. I have a salad with apple, lentils, tomatoes and goat cheese."

"Hungry again! I snack on an apple and Popchips."

"I have some friends over to my TriBeCa apartment, and I've made my favorite tomato soup. It's so easy to make with crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, cream, garlic, onion, peppers and a little parmesan cheese. For dessert I've thrown together grapes, strawberries and lime juice and let it sit in the freezer for 20 min. It's such a refreshing dessert, and I love being able to share it with my friends."

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