Q&A with Daphne Oz

<em>The Chew</em> co-host and author on fried chicken, seaweed-harvesting and exercise by candlelight.

It's fair to say that Daphne Oz knows her way around a nutritious meal (her dad is Dr. Oz). She published a book on the subject, The Dorm Room Diet,speaks and writes regularly about healthy living and co-hosts ABC's The Chew.Girl knows her stuff. So we checked in to find out what life looks like for someone with clean living in her DNA.

Typical workout:
I am a big fan of indoor cycling. With the great music and aromatherapy candles burning, it comes pretty close to a spa experience while burning 500 calories. I am not one of those people who naturally loves to work out. I can use every advantage to help distract me.

Her go-to breakfast:
Persian-accented oatmeal — it's pulsed oats and I eat them with a bit of pistachios, some saffron, cardamom and golden raisins to give it a natural sweetness. It's delicious and very easy to have on the road.

Best vacation she's ever taken:
The last vacation I took with my husband. We went to L.A., then Hawaii and stopped in San Francisco on the way home. The food was insane, the weather was beautiful and I have never been so relaxed!

Three things still on her bucket list:
I've never been anywhere in Asia — I'm dying to see that part of the world. I want to write a cookbook. And I want to go harvest seaweed in the Pacific Northwest — it sounds wild, you look like bank robbers in wet suits and masks, and it's in the dead of night in cold, freezing waters.

Biggest vice:
Anything sweet — I have a major sweet tooth. I will never give up eating cookie dough out of the bowl!

Ultimate healthy meal:
We start every meal with a huge salad, and then we'll eat protein and carbs as a side dish as opposed to having meat first to fill us up. I love sauteed greens or charred kale with a bit of garlic and olive oil. And I make a quinoa salad with scallions, orange peel and chopped hazelnuts with a really nice tangy vinaigrette.

Ultimate decadent meal:
I love fried chicken. And I would eat it like a typical Frenchman; I would have a big mixed green salad with vinaigrette, a delicious roaster-fried chicken, tons of French fries with ketchup and Tobasco sauce and a big French baguette slathered with honey butter. Lots of wine, maybe some tequila and a big chocolate cake at the end. And then maybe a cycling class... (laughs)

Wardrobe item she can't live without:
A cozy cashmere sweater. My husband's preferably, because everything of his is more comfortable.

Her style icons:
Before I go shopping, I peruse the street and see the girls that I think look amazing and then I go shopping and try to find pieces that are similar. But it's such a guessing game — it's more about what makes you look and feel confident. I think Sienna Miller has beautiful style, but she also has a very different body than I do, so for me to go and ask the woman for striped jeans, she’s kind of like, “Um…” (laughs) “maybe not for you.”

Her healthy living heroes:
Every working woman, mom, and lady with a schedule that can still find time to work out. Women who make time to love themselves and love what they do — it's a balancing act that one day I hope to learn how to do properly!

What she's totally over right now:
Kombucha. I love the idea of it, I've tried it a bunch of times, but it always either makes me feel tipsy or sick, never good and healthy. I like the taste of it, but I’ll just put apple cider vinegar in my water and go with that.

Books currently on her bedside table:
Out of Africa, which I have been meaning to read for awhile now and Wheat Belly, which is amazing!

Her keep-calm secret for speaking in public:
I was super nervous when I first starting speaking in front of other people, but then I realized that people who came there trusted me to bring them information that they cared about. Those people not only value your opinion, but they care about you, or they wouldn't be there.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
Quality of life, not quantity. It's about feeling like you're 20 and 30 in your 60s and 70s. You get one perfect body. It's such a well-oiled machine, and it will work for you, but just see what it feels like running on premium fuel, it's amazing.

Message she's send to the world (Only catch: it has to be 140 characters or less):
Take control, don't be passive. Become a conscious consumer, and love your food and make it love you.

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