Q&A with Magic Johnson

From his Equinox workout regime to yachting in the Italian Riviera, the NBA legend tells all.

Throughout his lengthy career, Earvin "Magic" Johnson was quite the showman on the court. His favorite co-star? Mr. Larry Bird. It's only fitting then, that their act has inspired a Broadway show: Magic/Bird, opening on March 12 at the Longacre Theater. Before the first curtain call, the former pro baller-turned-sports analyst and documentary film star revealed what happens off-stage.

Typical workout:
This week I spent a lot of time on the treadmill, but I like to mix it up and do all sorts of things. I like to mess around on the court with people at the Equinox Sports Club West L.A. But I'm up so early that usually I'm just shooting by myself.

Usual breakfast:
I get up around 4:30, so sometimes I'll grab a banana on my way to the gym. After a workout I have a protein shake and oatmeal. That never changes.

Where he feels most at home:
My man cave, which is the media room with a big screen TV where I watch the games and relax. I always have healthy snacks like nuts and fruit around.

Three things on his bucket list:
Travel around the world, take my company's revenue to over a billion dollars and have a villa in the Italian Riviera. The first two I may not do, but the villa? Yeah, I'm definitely going to acomplish that (laughs).

Style icons:
Armani, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli — all those guys do it great. I love to dress.

Best insider tip:
Pat Riley [former Lakers coach] really was the one who motivated me. He said when you think you’ve done great, there’s always another place you can go. He pushed me to that limit. That's why I love him — because he always got the best out of me.

Favorite healthy meal:
I’m a big fish guy. Sea bass is probably my favorite. I don’t cook, but I have 10-20 great Italian restaurants that do! (laughs) Via Alloro is my favorite.

Ultimate decadent meal:
Something at Mastro'sor any of Wolfgang Puck's places. My wife likes going, so that's where I take her and the family.

Biggest vices:
Sweets! (laughs) I have a sweet tooth. I'm also a big red wine lover. That’s why I've got to stay at Equinox!

Latest obsessions:
Ties and cuff-links. I'm a tie guy. People know me for that.

Best vacation he's ever taken:
Oh that's easy. Every year, for the past 17 years, I rent a yacht and sail between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera. This year I booked it for a month. Talk about the best Italian food you've ever eaten in your life! When I go running in the morning I see the fishermen come and drop the fish off right to the restaurants. Everything is so fresh — it just blows your mind.

Major splurges:
The first was my Mercedes Benz, the second was my home in Beverly Hills and the third was my plane.

Advice he gives most often:
You can’t get complacent, and you always have to have a winning mind and attitude. I think sometimes when people meet their goals and dreams, they tend to relax instead of continuing to move forward. I’m a guy who’s never satisfied. I want more and more and more, and I try to tell people that’s what it’s all about.

His number one reason for taking care of his body:
I want to feel a certain way, I want to look a certain way and I want to be able to stay young. When you take care of your body and your mind, no matter what your age, you stay young.

Message he'd send to the world (140 characters or less):
Extend a hand and help one another. No matter what the color, what country you live in, it’s all about helping each other and being at peace with one another.

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