The law of attraction

Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra pens an essay for Q on the manifestation of desire.

You’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’re skeptical because of its superficial, New Age connotations, expressed through phrases like “the power of positive thinking” and “like begets like.” But though the Law of Attraction has become a common concept in recent years, it’s also a profoundly misunderstood one. The Law of Attraction is a process for attracting anything you like into your life — and there is a scientific basis to it.

From the secular to the transcendental, our desires — whether they are for love, material abundance or better health — are rooted in the power of thought and actualization. This is the fundamental premise of the Law of Attraction.

Whatever you want to manifest in your future, that desire already exists in your core, your ground state. Once a desire is in your ground state — even if the physical manifestation of it is in the future — it influences your present. There is no mental event that doesn’t have a brain correlation. Your desire exists in your consciousness, waiting to be manifested in your future.

To get from point A (a desire that exists in your consciousness) to point B (one that has manifested itself) requires a degree of detachment — of letting the universe take care of the details. To this you must go beyond thought. When you do that, you arrive at the source that creates everything in the universe, a field of infinite possibilities. This state can be achieved through meditation, which prepares you to detach and let the universe unfold. Once in this state, you will see how manifestation of your desire will occur, through situations, circumstances, relationships, creativity and synchronicity.

We are all already manifesting our lives, just not in the way we might wish to. If you practice the Law of Attraction, you will learn how to activate an intention, and then detach and let the universe handle the details. You will be able to manifest your life the way you always dreamed of doing.

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