Q&A with Elettra Wiedemann

Why the model, philanthropist and restaurateur rises and shines for 4:15am workouts.

Fashion Week and stuffing your face don't typically go together. But Elettra Wiedemann, model, activist and daughter of Isabella Rossellini, is out to change that with her pop-up restaurant Goodness, open for lunch from Feb. 11-14 at 2 Columbus Circle's Robert. The concept: a rotating menu with a different chef every day, bringing NYC's best cuisine to those who can't feast on eye candy alone. We spoke with Wiedemann, who's currently training for April's Nautica South Beach Olympic triathlon, just before the restaurant opened its doors.

Typical workout:
I'm in the fourth of eight weeks of triathlon training now so my workout regimen has been pretty intense. I woke up yesterday at 4:15 and did five mile splits, alternating between track and treadmill, and tomorrow I have a bike session with my triathlon group.

Why she's in training:
I’m always at the gym anyway for my job, and I got sick of training for vanity’s sake. I really wanted to not focus on thinness anymore, but on getting strong and healthy and acquiring new skills.

Her breakfast of champions:
I just have coffee first thing in the morning because I train so hard it’s tough to have anything in your stomach. Afterward, I’ll have a whey protein shake with peanut butter and almond milk or rice milk and some hemp or flax seed, then eggs with a couple of slices of whole grain bread.

Best insider tip:
I push myself a lot in general, so my coach has been telling me that on days that you feel like you can’t, don’t do it. That’s your body telling you to take a break.

Her favorite vacation:
I went to an island off the coast of Kenya once by myself for two weeks. It’s really amazing to be by yourself for that long and just be on your own rhythms — eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired without any connection to anybody or any obligations. It was like being in a dream. It was fantastic.

Her "healthy living" hero:
My father. He works really hard, he’s a fantastic father to me and my three little brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom is six, and he’s doing his sixth Ironman this year. He shaved 90 minutes off his time between this past Ironman and the one before. He’s pretty epic.

Her all-time favorite city:
I was born and raised in New York City — it’s where I feel the most at home and the one that I know like the back of my hand.

Her biggest vice:

Bravo TV. I watch everything they have. I just get sucked into it.

The wardrobe item she can't live without:
I just bought a bunch of beautiful cashmere sweaters from Theory. They’re really light and look really elegant layered on.

Why she’s not celebrating Valentine’s Day:
I feel like every day should be Valentine’s Day, not just one particular day. I’m a very lucky girl; I have a fantastic man who spoils me constantly with sweet nothings and presents.

The book on her bedside table:
I was just at the CFDA Health Initiative panel moderating with Arianna Huffington, who gave me her new book, On Becoming Fearless. I just put it by my bed, and I plan on picking it up this evening.

Her latest obsession:
I’m really obsessed with triathlon training. I think about it most of the time.

Hours of sleep she typically logs:

Not many. Last night I got four, but I strive for at least seven.

What she’s totally over right now:

I love Adele, I really do love her, but she’s so over-played. I can’t take it anymore.

Her number one reason for taking care of her body:
I just feel better, and my reactions to things are much more measured. People separate body and mind, but I think more and more, our society is coming to realize that they are inextricably linked.

Message she’d like to send to the world (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less):

Please be nicer to each other.
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