Week 4: Change the shape of your body

Your one-month transformation is almost complete.

Welcome to the final week of master trainer Josh Stolz's exclusive plan designed to measurably change the shape of your body. If you're just tuning in, go back and start with week one, then move on to week two and week three before attempting week four.

The Details: Follow the 7-day protocol strictly — there is a method to the madness. This week, you'll add double sessions to shock the system. Try breaking them up into morning and evening for best results. When you complete the final week, move on to your recovery week: 3 to 4 days of foam rolling and stretching and 3 non-consecutive strength-circuit days (choose moves from any week and up the reps and lower the weight) to speed regeneration while maintaining your progress.

The Plan:

The Equipment: Two kettlebells, a ViPR, an ab wheel and a stability ball.

The Circuit:Click through the slideshow above for this week's moves. Complete the circuit 3 times resting for 30 seconds in between each circuit: Do 8 reps of each move during set 1; 10 reps during set 2; 12 reps during set 3.

The Change: By now you should be down a few inches and beginning to see some definition in your body that wasn't there before. "At this point, I like to remind clients that although their bodies may not be completely transformed, it's coming," says Stolz, "Along with building muscle and burning calories, the progression model we've been using has been strengthening the neurological connections between the brain and the muscles. The more developed the circuitry between the two, the more efficient the body becomes, so muscles fire faster and can handle more weight, speeding results."

Just tuning in? Get started with week one's plan.

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  • Push –Up Pike

    Push –Up Pike

    A. Start in plank position, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with toes on stability ball (as shown).

    B. Bend elbows and lower chest toward floor, keeping ball as steady as possible and press back up to start; then use abs to roll ball forward and come into pike position for one rep.

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  • Bear Crawl

    Bear Crawl

    A. Begin in plank position; hands on kettlebell handles, palms facing, right arm about 6 inches in front of left, feet on floor slightly wider than hip-width apart (as shown).

    B. Hop feet in towards hands, keeping legs straight, knees soft, then lift left arm and place left kettlebell about 6 inches in front of right (as shown). Repeat on opposite side for one rep.

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  • Single-Leg Deadlift Balance

    Single-Leg Deadlift Balance

    A. Stand with feet together, arms at sides with a kettlebell in left hand, palm facing body (as shown).

    B. Hinge forward from hips, keeping back flat and bending left knee slightly, raising right leg behind you (think about pushing back foot against an imaginary wall to take pressure off your lower back) and lowering kettlebell toward floor, keeping shoulder back and down, right arm extended out to side, shoulder height, palm down (as shown), then return to start for one rep. Do reps. Switch sides; repeat.
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  • Single-Leg Kettlebell Row Balance

    Single-Leg Kettlebell Row Balance

    A. Stand on left leg, right leg extended behind you, foot flexed, a kettlebell in left hand hovering a few inches from floor, palm facing body, right arm extended out to side, shoulder height, palm down (as shown)

    B. Bend left elbow and pull kettlebell toward left hip, keeping arm close to side and squeezing shoulder blade toward spine without shrugging shoulder (as shown), then return to start for one rep. Do reps. Switch sides; repeat.

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  • Handstand Push-Up

    Handstand Push-Up

    A. Face a wall and place hands on floor about 6 inches in front, then kick up into a handstand, heels resting against wall (as shown). **NOTE: Get a spotter if it’s your first time)

    B. Bend elbows 90 degrees and lower head to floor (as shown), then press back up to start for one re

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  • AbWheel Rollout

    AbWheel Rollout

    A. Start in plank position, feet on floor slightly wider than hip-width apart, an ab wheel in front of chest, back flat (as shown).

    B. Engage abs by squeezing glutes and tightening stomach (as if you're about to take a punch) and roll wheel forward as far as you can without rounding lower back (as shown), then roll back to start.

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  • ViPR Rainbow

    ViPR Rainbow

    A. Start in a deep lunge, right foot about 3 feet in front of left, feet facing forward, both knees bent 90 degrees; hold ViPR outside of left thigh parallel to floor, hands on handles, torso facing forward (as shown).

    B, Rise to stand, lifting ViPR straight overhead (as shown), then lower into lunge, holding ViPR outside of right thigh for one rep. Do reps. Switch sides; repeat.
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  • Alternating Hip-Bridge Pullover

    Alternating Hip-Bridge Pullover

    A. Lie on back with knees bent, feet flat on floor about hips-width apart, hips lifted, with arms extended to ceiling in front of chest holding kettlebell in each hand so ball rests on forearms, palms forward (as shown).

    B. Engage abs and lower left arm behind you until kettlebell touches floor (as shown), then return to start. Repeat on opposite side for one rep.

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