Present perfect

What editors, restaurateurs, athletes and designers really want for the holidays.

Some call it picky, others prefer discerning. But when you've got a particular sense of taste, nobody knows what you really want better than, well, yourself. In search of inspiration, we turned to trendsetters in Equinox cities from coast to coast to find out what they're really pining for this year. Click through the slideshow above to find out what Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould, race car driver Matt Halliday, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and more hope to find under the tree.

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  • Lauri Heiskari

    Lauri Heiskari

    Occupation: Professional snowboarder

    Based in: Los Angeles 

    On his wishlist: An Everlast leather 100-pound boxing training bag, a Lost Driver surf board and DC's Boost workout shoe

    What else he'd really like: "Santa Claus to come by our house like back in the day, although not sure if I have been good enough ... And snow! Please just let it be a snowy Christmas."

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  • Ashley Harts Wick

    Ashley Harts Wick

    Occupation: Founder of strategic communications and branding consultancy Wick & Co. and buyer for L-atitude.

    Based in: New York City

    On her wishlist: 

    1. A membership to travel company Mr. & Mrs. Smith ("So I don't have to lift a finger the next time I want to get away for a romantic weekend with my boyfriend," she says.)

    2. Artist Adam Chapman's installation, "Diagram of Chance and Will Intersecting." ("I just discovered this artist at Catharine Clark's gallery at Art Basel Miami and fell in love with this work," she says.)

    3. Miguelina's Leighanne Dress ("It's the perfect thing to pack because it doesn’t wrinkle. Provided Santa delivers, I plan to live in it down in Trancoso, Brazil over the holidays," she says.)

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  • Matt Halliday

    Matt Halliday

    Occupation: Racecar driver

    Based in: Los Angeles 

    On his wishlist: A Hublot watch ("I love watches and collect them"), Nike workout clothes and lots and lots of training shoes ("I like to stock up every year").

    What else he'd really like:
    "Quality time with family and friends. The holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate successes of the past year, surround yourself with people you love and look forward to good things to come!"
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  • Robbie Gould

    Robbie Gould

    Occupation: Chicago Bears kicker

    Hometown: Chicago

    On his wishlist: A round of golf at Pebble Beach Resort

    What else would warm his heart: "For Chicagoans to donate to my charity, the Goulden Touch, benefitting Mooseheart, a local home for children and teens in need ... and to score a touchdown before the season ends."

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  • Thomas McNaughton

    Thomas McNaughton

    Occupation: Chef and owner of Flour + Water

    Based in: San Francisco

    On his wishlist:

    1. A plant from Flora Grubb Gardens ("I'm working on my garden, and I love the cool plants and containers on sale at this Bayview store," he says.)

    2. Anything from cutlery shop Town Cutler ("It’s where I buy all my knives and antique plating spoons,” he says.)

    3. Drum accessories from Sam Adato’s Drums ("I love the drums and have just recently started playing again," he says. "I always find something new to kit out my set when I head into this store.”)

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  • Ann Shoket

    Ann Shoket

    Occupation: Editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine

    Hometown: New York City

    On her list: New John Robshaw linens for her bed, a Nook Color and dark hot chocolate from Hot Chocolate Chicago.

    Why she covets them: "The holidays always put me in major nesting mode. There’s nothing I like more than snuggling in bed with a pile of magazines and a giant mug of hot chocolate while the snow is falling on the Highline outside my window."

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  • Chandler Burr

    Chandler Burr

    Occupation: Former New York Times perfume critic and Director and Curator of the Center of Olfactory Art at the Museum of Arts and Design

    Based in: New York City

    Scents that knock his socks off: 

    1. Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf ("It's the smell of walking into a bar, rich leather seats, music pumping coolly, the scent accenting the air," he says.)

    2. Terre d’Hermes ("One of the most amazing scents created in the past 20 years," he says. "It's your perfectly tailored classic suit in a scent.") 

    3. Tom Ford Oud Wood ("Wearing it is like slipping on a dark, sleek wool jacket, with the wood scent as powerful and quick as a boxer in the ring," he says.)

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  • Charlotte Ronson

    Charlotte Ronson

    Occupation: Fashion designer

    Hometown: New York City

    On her wishlist: A painting by Lisa Yuskavage

    Why she covets it: "I have always loved her work, and her paintings always sell out! She was my painting teacher at NYU." 

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  • Paige Novick

    Paige Novick

    Occupation: Jewelry designer

    Based in: New York City

    On her list: Limited edition art deco jeweled bottles from Kilian and the new book Daphne Guinness

    Why she covets them: "There are four styles to choose from and you can fill them with your favorite Kilian scent (mine is Prelude to Love, I'm obsessed) ... and as for the book, I adore her iconic style of structure meets chaos!"

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  • Seth Greenberg

    Seth Greenberg

    Occupation: Restaurant developer (Capitale, Miami's Eden Roc) and nightlife impresario

    Based in: Boston 

    On his wishlist: A restored early '60s Pontiac convertible and a Panerai watch P.3000 Radiomir Oro Rosa

    Why he covets them: "The car reminds me of James Dean and the watch is the ultimate luxury for a man."

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  • Celene, Natalie, Miriam and Stephanie Gee

    Celene, Natalie, Miriam and Stephanie Gee

    Who: The mother-daughters team behind Bal Harbour's Gee Beauty boutique

    Based in: Miami

    What Celene covets: The Isabel Marant Navajo Silk Printed dress from Bal Harbour shop Oxygene. ("I love their mix and always find something just right," she says.)

    What Natalie covets: The iPhone 4S ("I'm on the list with many others," she says.) 

    What Miriam covets: A 10-pack of sessions with a trainer ("It's a gift that benefits my future," she says).

    What Stephanie covets: Celine oversized sunglasses ("All of my favorite fashion bloggers rock them with the most casual outfits," she says.)

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  • Joe Bastianich

    Joe Bastianich

    Occupation: Restaurateur, winemaker, author, "MasterChef" judge

    Based in: Greenwich, Connecticut

    On his wishlist: Moncler's old-school lace-up hiking boots

    Why he covets them: "I'd wear these in Corvara, Italy, where my family and I are going for our annual ski trip over the holidays."

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  • Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

    Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

    Occupation: Lifestyle expert, party planner and author

    Based in: Dallas

    On her wishlist: Anything from jewelry designer Cindy Chao, vintage table linens from Gaia and donations made to the North Texas Food Bank Food 4 Kids campaign

    Why she chose the charity: "I am co-chairing for the second year and I love the program. The NTFB works so hard to provide backpacks full of food for children who would go all weekend without meals otherwise."

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  • Alexia Brue

    Alexia Brue

    Who: Editor of Well+Good NYC

    Based in: New York City

    On her wishlist: The Breville Juice Processor 

    Why she covets it: "It's the Porsche Cayenne of juicers and was totally sold out after the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (in which it plays a starring role). I've been totally inspired by the juice boom to make my own concoctions starting with kale, beet, apple and ginger. And the Breville supposedly extracts way more juice and vitamins than other juicers. Cheers to that!"

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  • Norah O'Donnell

    Norah O'Donnell

    Occupation: CBS chief White House correspondent

    Based in: Washington, D.C.

    On her wishlist: The Garmin 610 running watch

    Why she covets it: "I went running with a friend the other day and she had one. It told us our pace and distance!"

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