The Miami diet

We've got your guide to where the hottest beach bodies dine.

Whether for New Year's Eve or just because, Miami's an easy, go-to getaway for sunshine-starved East Coasters. But strolling South Beach, one often wonders: How can these bikini-clad beauties subsist on hefty Cuban sandwiches and creamy Key Lime pies? The answer: they don’t. With access to some of the freshest tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood in the US, Miami is a sleeper health-food hub. Here’s where to eat well:

mandolin aegean bistro

This boho-Greek spot in the city's Design District serves exactly what you want when you’re hot and hungry: simple grilled seafood, light salads and fresh veggies with flavorful dips. Share the Greek sampler starter (with tzatziki, smoked eggplant puree and tarama) a lightly dressed Greek salad and the lemon-and-oregano-infused whole grilled sea bass.
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pura vida

A beachy café that doubles as a surf-rental shop, Pura Vida’s specialty is the acai bowl: a thick, refreshing blend of frozen acai, bananas and apple juice topped with granola, blueberries, pineapples and strawberries.
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canyon ranch grill

Gouda fondue, fig-and-blue-cheese flatbreads and seared mahi-mahi don’t sound like hyper-healthy foods, but at this wellness brand’s restaurant, the dietetically prepared menu items clock in at 145, 240 and 295 calories per serving, respectively. Plus, you can enjoy cocktails made from organic liquors and fresh fruits in indoor-outdoor seating with beautiful ocean views.
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Even sushi-obsessed New Yorkers proclaim the 17-seat Naoe the best Japanese restaurant ever. Dinner begins with a bento box filled with an ever-changing array of (low-fat, low-sodium) soups, cured sashimis and fruits and vegetables marinated in soy and sake, or stuffed with chawanmushi, a frothy egg custard. A few light raw courses follow, including: Scottish salmon, Kumamoto oysters and live aoyagi — some of which are overnighted from Japan.
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athens juice bar

Here, juices are custom-made to meet your needs: If you look bedraggled, you’ll get a perky green blend of spinach, parsley, celery, green apple, ginger and beet; hangovers necessitate a vitamin-packed fruit punch and tropical-fruit salad topped with pureed strawberry-apricot “nectar.” It’s a favorite of local fashion types and celebs.
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The new room service

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Habit forming: eat well while traveling

“Remember to savor, talk about, and appreciate flavor.” - Bethany Snodgrass