Q&A with Lauren Bush Lauren

Forget the Birkin, meet the woman who made the cotton tote every girl's must-have.

Model/activist and recently newlywed Lauren Bush Lauren is the mastermind behind FEED Projects, a charitable organization responsible for feeding over 60 million children around the world through the sale of "feed shop" productslike totes and tees. We sat down with the woman responsible for reinventing the status handbag over a cup of pumpkin coffee to find out a few more of her favorite things.

Typical workouts:
When it's warm I jog outside on the Westside Highway, but otherwise I like taking classes. It sort of forces me to get better. I like ballet-based workouts where you get a little cardio and a little strength training. I did yoga last week. That's not a normal thing, but I wish it was.

What relaxes her:
A bath. I like to light candles.

Biggest vice:
Probably coffee and sweets. Whenever I'm tired I go for candy. During the fall there's always candy corn around the office, which is very dangerous.

Where she feels most at home:
My bedroom. It's very cozy.

What's always in her carry-on bag:
A good lip balm. Bobbi Brown makes a great really simple and protective one. And a Clarins moisturizer.

Best insider tip:

Makeup artists and skincare companies I've worked with have all told me it's more about the health of your skin than what you do to cover it up that counts. That really resonated with me.

Favorite healthy meal:
I love quinoa. That's what I make when I'm feeling like I want to be really healthy. And kale.

Ultimate decadent meal:
Pasta. Setta Mezzo has the best pasta in New York City.

Latest obsession:
A little gold bell necklace that I got on my honeymoon at a store in Capri.

Favorite place for a haircut:
The Julien Farel salon.

Favorite city:
Well, New York. There's just so much energy and ambition and opportunity. And Paris. It's just so beautiful and delicate and old. It's like a little jewel box.

Wardrobe item she can’t live without:
My Repetto ballet flats.

Books on her bedside table:
The Paris Wife and Shadow Divers (laughs). They're very different books.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
To feel good, vibrant and live.

Last thing she recommended to a friend:
I just saw the movie 50/50 and thought it was great, so I told a few people.

Message she’d like to send to the world. (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less):
I love the Gandhi quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Oh and: Buy a Feed bag.

Lauren created a special edition FEED bag just for Equinox that benefits local schoolchildren. Ask at any club's front desk during November for more details.

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