Workout wear that's anything but

10 questions for Michelle Watson, designer of new boudoir-meets-locker room line MICHI.

You work out to look good, so why not look good while working out? That's precisely the logic that led Toronto-based athlete Michelle Watson to design MICHI, a new collection of sexy, high-performance clothing that shouldn’t be relegated to your workout drawer. The provocative line is part Catwoman, part Ironman and uses clever tech fabrics to balance fashion with function (view the styles in the slideshow, above). Translation: Those tantalizing fishnet mesh panels look hot but are actually there to keep you cool. We caught up with Watson on her return from an adventure-packed trip to Brazil.

1. What inspired the collection?
Super heroines, pin-up girls, boudoir lingerie and ‘90s supermodel glamour.

2. Which comic book heroines would wear MICHI?
Psylocke and Elektra.

3. What sports do you play?
Growing up, I did ski racing, competitive golf and Kung Fu. I just started to learn to kite surf in Brazil, so I’m already planning my next kite surfing trip to Morocco.

4. What's your favorite way to get your endorphins pumping?
Some kind of outdoor adrenaline adventure — steep and deep powder skiing, water sports or a treacherous jungle hike.

5. What's your typical week's workout?
Other than biking everywhere and lifting heavy bolts of fabric, I try to do something different each day. Yoga and Pilates, running, dance classes (Dancehall Reggae or Samba), boxing and a sweaty late night Dancehall Reggae party.

6. What's your all-time favorite action movie?
Ong-bak: The Thai Warrior.

7. What completely relaxes you?
Dancing Forró (a beautiful Brazilian partner dance) with someone who knows what he’s doing.

8. What song gets you the most jazzed for a workout?
It changes all the time, but right now it’s Gal Bounce —“Busy Signal” or “The Reeling” — and Passion Pit.

9. What's your favorite place in the world?
Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. It’s completely unspoiled and undeveloped with lush jungle, endless ocean and a huge diversity of animals.

10. What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I’m three strokes from being a scratch golfer.

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