Dream getaways

A travel guru's top nights' sleep around the world. (No ambien required).

In search of the most decadent, dream-inducing locales, we turned to Tom Marchant, co-founder of bespoke travel agency Black Tomato and award-winning travel site Beach Tomato. “For me, combining a trip that encourages that perfect sleep whilst exploring a new area is a double win," says Marchant. "It’s not just about the thread count and how bouncy the mattress is compared to home; it's about the setting and the lead up.” Click through the gallery below for his top five night’s sleep around the globe.

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  • Iceland Hot Springs

    Iceland Hot Springs

    “Iceland is cool in more than one sense," says Marchant. "I recently hiked through the beautifully rugged Thingvellir National Park to witness the stunning northern lights. After relaxing in a warm, natural hot spring with my muscles and my mind completely at ease, we were ready to head to bed to dream of the adventures at Hotel Borg the upcoming day.”

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  • Indonesian Sea Safari

    Indonesian Sea Safari

    “In Indonesia, you can spend the days scuba diving in turquoise waters, island hopping and lounging on white beaches," says Marchant. "The best way to do it all is by boat – but not just any boat. The Tiger Blue is a private vessel that, after a day at sea, allows a great way to fall asleep, lulled by the methodic motion of the ocean."

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  • Wilson Island, Australia

    Wilson Island, Australia

    "From mountain biking in the outback to diving the Great Barrier Reef, I can confirm that Australia is one giant adventure," says Marchant. "I gather up strength for the activities ahead by recuperating in a designer tent on Wilson Island. As this little-known jewel of a location is only reachable by helicopter and sleeps just twelve at a time, the privacy and rhythmic sounds of the ocean are ideal for an undisturbed sleep." 

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  • The Italian Riviera

    The Italian Riviera

    “Fine wines and delicious meals are a constant in Italy," says Marchant. "After visiting some of finest restaurants and vineyards in the area, I then like to head back to Hotel Splendido (an exquisite ex-monastery) off the Italian Riviera to relax into the ultimate foodie dream. The glory of it all is that once refreshed from a wonderful night’s sleep, I usually repeat the cycle all over again.” 

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  • Loisaba Lodge, Kenya

    Loisaba Lodge, Kenya

    "I think it’s important to get in touch with your wild side every so often – whether you’re quad biking or camel riding, on a helicopter or river rafting, you will witness incredible landscapes, exotic animals and such rich culture in Kenya," says Marchant." Loisaba, one of my favorite lodges, provides a way for the sightseeing to continue into the night on their star beds. You’ll doze off on a handcrafted deck that overlooks the waterhole while gazing at a sky blanketed with twinkling stars. It’s a magical and truly unforgettable experience.” 

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